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    Engine will not fire

    So. I have put together two of these motorized bikes. One for my friend and one for me. His bike works fine. Cheap **** motors though. Mine was a bust. I have pretty much replaced THE WHOLE DEAL with parts from I was happy with every part. I had my jeans get sucked up into my bike...
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    Engine not starting right...?

    ok so, my engine worked fine for a while. little kink after little kink i was making my bike better and better. i was hitting the governer on it so i thought of running it a little richer to slow it down. At this point i was thinking i like where my bike is at and once i get the bigger fuel jet...
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    sprockets and speeds?

    What would be faster in over all speed, not acceleration, a smaller sprocket? or a bigger sprocket? im looking for a little more speed, right now im at the 44T sprocket that came with my engine xct2
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    bike is way slow, any ideas?

    ok, so, i have built my second engine on a bike, the first one was with a friend on his bike, everything went fine except the carborator filter kept falling off. i built my bike on my own with a little hole drilling help from my girls dad. And my bike is solid no problems at all, everything is...