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  1. MindStorm

    Hyper Beach Cruiser #2

    HYPER Beach Cruiser Flying Horse Engine 66cc - Ported NT Speed Carburetor High Flow Air Filter 36T Flat Sprocket HD Short Chain Tensioner NGK B7HS Spark Plug Taylor Spiro Pro 8mm Spark Plug Wire HYspeed Fuel Line 1/4" CNC Aluminum/ Glass Fuel Filter 13" Riser Handlebars Tektro Front...
  2. MindStorm

    My Kids

    First time my builds have come together, different owners
  3. MindStorm

    26" Columbia

    Built this for a friend .trk
  4. MindStorm

    Black 26" RoadMaster w/a Silver Slant

    26" RoadMaster Granite Peak 66/80cc Silver Slant dnut
  5. MindStorm

    2nd Build 1st MTN Genesis Two Nine

    Did this for a friend. It came with a bad CDI, the one from my cruiser is on there for testing, I will be wrapping the wires once the replacement arrives. Genesis Two Nine Flying Horse 66/80cc
  6. MindStorm

    My First Build

    My First Build!