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    Staton 18.75/1 inside gear box

    I have a Staton gearbox that only has about 500 miles on it that I need to get off of the pile. It is the same as seen here: Motorized Bicycles Detail Page Anyone interested in it for $175 should get in touch via pm. Thanks!
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    Bugatti Bike

    Apologies in advance if this has already been discussed here. I just recently was told about this by a fellow enthusiast. the Bugatti revue, 12-1, Bugatti T72 fact sheet and photos
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    Just wondering if anyone from the forum attends Interbike in Vegas? I will be there Tues-Thurs and if I see anything cool I will be sure and share it here. Anyone interested in meeting up while there let's do it!
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    Thought I would register and see what I could learn about motorized bikes here. If I have anything to share, which I hope to have soon, I will be sure to do so also. Thanks to whoever is in charge for building up this site for all to enjoy(^)