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    point beach and shift kit question

    Im building a point beach motorized bicycle and decided to get a shift kit, problem is im at work and dont know the seat tuber size offhand and google has failed me. halp?
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    Couple Question's

    Thanks for the replies! Chainmaker that guide helped a lot, thank you good sir. Ivan where might I find a good guide for changing the bearing? i had no idea that i would need to replace that thing. and dont know how
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    Couple Question's

    So im not all that experienced with aftermarket parts, performance, power, all that. ive always built these things stock but i decided to go all out this time and i had a few questions im sure you all can answer with ease; 1) Can I run a stock engine with a HP carb and HP expansion chamber...
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    Flying Horse or thatdax engine?

    flying horse is a version of the china girl engines, completely stock. not 100 %so dont quote me but im fairly sure dax engines are balanced (very desireable in these engines) and have other minor (but important) tweaks and upgrades that youll end up doing yourself to the flying horse...
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    Inky reporting for duty!

    Sounds good bill, once I get my current build up and running iill definitely hit you up!
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    Hi there, new here.

    Welcome to the forum Jeff! Don't worry about asking questions, that's what this forum is for; the exchange of information. Just use the search bar to see if it's been asked before and if not post it! Everyone here is friendly and will be more than happy to help, myself included. Again...
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    Seeing more motor assisted bicycles...

    Re: Seeing more motore assisted bicycles... I've definitely seen an increase in popularity, its catching fire for sure. I've even seen a couple news stories on them
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    Inky reporting for duty!

    Im in chandler/mesa area what about you man? Same I'd love someone to ride around with
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    boygofast motors?

    BGF is one of the most hit or miss dealers there is. I Personally wont deal with them just because im a safe than sorry guy and wont risk a bad motor and wasted time and money. People have had good luck, but more have had bad, id personally go through SBP, dax, or pirate cycles, ive bought...
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    Standard upgrades for Motorized Bicycles?

    Re: Standard upgrades? These guys are right on the money for standard performance mods. as far as some small technical stuff that I would personally recommend to solve a problem before you have it; -replace the ragjoint sprocket assembly with a manic or similar hub adapter. the ragjoint can...
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    Inky reporting for duty!

    whats up yo, Im Inky. AZ street artist, excitable 20 year old, and avid bike builder! ive been using the forum for information and reference for a couple years now and somehow never got around to making an account. so here I am! something ive been wanting to say for quite a while, in...