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    I have a question for anyone in this forum that is good with electronics,as I am not!!(?) I have a couple of sealed lead acid rechargable batteries 12 V 3.6 A/H. And would like to recharge them when needed with a simple 12 V transformer(input 120VAC 60 HZ--output 13.5VDC 500MA). is this OK? and...
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    springer front forks

    Im not familiar with springer front forks and how they are installed and measured. I have a hybrid cruiser bike with 700c wheels and would like to add suspension to the front wheel. What do I need to know before ordering one from Ebay to make sure it will fit? thanks for any info. Mac
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    OCC choppers

    We don,t see too many OCC choppers up here in Canada,as a matter of fact I might have seen one or two and they looked to be kid sized. Do they come in bigger sizes to fit a large adult? I am 6ft 2 and 230 lbs. Is there an OCC chopper that would fit me?? thanks for any info ..
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    MoonDog bikes

    What is it about the MoonDog bikes that a lot of MBs like? We have Walmart up here in Canada but I dont remember seeing MoonDogs for sale.(?)