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    loose chain

    Howdy...If anyone wants to comment, thanks. My chain is way loose. I removed 2 links , put 1 back in. Still unable to join chain back together. I thought maybe chain would've stretched and allow 1 link to be removed. Nope. Still the chain flops around. The tensioner is maxed out. I was...
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    How much?

    Ok, I'm payin' 1400 buck for a new 22inch Trek mountain bike with the disc brakes, front shocks. Very nice bike. They say it's an "80cc" 2 stroke.Keep in mind this is Canada and we pay aboot 25% more for everything here.... Can I get a YEAH! ?
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    Hello everybody. Just put a deposit on a bike to be built. I am looking forward to a new hobby ....I have a lot of questions but they are prob all answered in here somewhere. I will peruse and then beg for info...cheers.