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  1. jasonh

    Reserve your Jet engine kit!

    I still wanna see something that's not a jar :)
  2. jasonh

    Reserve your Jet engine kit!

    Well obviously it seems that you have gotten something other than the glass jar to work...let's see it! :) Have you tested to see how much push force you can get from it?
  3. jasonh

    I get too distracted

    Yes, I have not been around for a while. I really get too distracted with other things. It seems like I can only manage 1, maybe 2 hobbies at once....especially when it comes to posting on forums about them. Unfortunately I have more hobbies than that :) After moving at the end of...
  4. jasonh

    Stink line gas?

    I have to agree with Joe, it's in large part due to the kit handgrips. They're terrible. A good idea also is to hack up your muffler and extend it out back (or just get a tuned pipe) so the fumes don't get to you.
  5. jasonh

    Hi from WinterPark Colorado

    Welcome to the forums. Winter Park, nice little town. I'd love to live in a town like that if I didn't need to actually show up to my job :) You could probably try to "hop up" your China kit a bit, and use a Shift Kit to deal with those hills....just a thought. The Morini motor would...
  6. jasonh


    Re: Fat tires Those Surly wheels and tires would be flipping sweet on a MB. They're pretty expensive though, plus the cost of a frame to clear them.
  7. jasonh

    Sick Bike Parts has a REAL website!

    Haha, no in 88 we would've been dialing directly in to your line and sending some obscure commands via telnet or something...and then mailing a check, lol.
  8. jasonh

    Sick Bike Parts has a REAL website!

    Hey, nice improvement to the site. Bout time you guys came out of 1999 :) (just kiddin)
  9. jasonh

    Super heavy duty front freewheel

    Ooh, heavy duty. So I take it these would be for people who are either really hard on their front freewheel, or have a decent amount of power?
  10. jasonh

    Roll You Own Pack...

    Hmm, 720 for nicad...seems like a lot and a hassle. If you're thinking about that much money, I'd shoot for some LiFePO4's. 2420-HPS 24V / 20Ah w/VMS, 2 Terminals $940.00 from Or for cheaper.... Electric Motorsport EV Parts :: Thunder Sky Batteries You could get 8 (8x3.2v...
  11. jasonh

    Exhaust Gasket Replacement?

    I used the gasket material from the auto parts store...just the standard, not the heavy duty or anything. It blew pretty quick. High-temp RTV on both sides of the cardboard gasket will keep it from blowing. I ran probably 700mi with the gasket like that.
  12. jasonh

    12V DC Motor Harbor Freight • Index page has a LOT of battery info. How much are you willing to spend? That's the real question. For $150 you could get a 12v 50ah SLA battery: Electric Motorsport EV Parts :: BB Batteries Or for $320 you could get 4 3v cells of LiFePO4 40ah cells and you'd get...
  13. jasonh

    Cabin fever- the worst ever.

    Hah, I hear you there. I've had some miserable summers in AZ. it's just too much. Weather's been nice here lately, 50-60. I'd still like a little snow, but you take what you can get I guess. Well, I did get some snow last weekend, but it was almost all gone by noon.
  14. jasonh

    A few things I've learned from building my bike kit

    I haven't had any issues with plug fouling using the choke to kill the motor. Could just be one of those things that varies with our snowflake motors.
  15. jasonh

    check out this transmission

    More than that I'm thinking. Too bad when he died the gov't came in and took a lot of his papers and stuff.
  16. jasonh

    I think our hobby is about to become more popular!

    Because us Americans have been on a kick of bigger is better and screw fuel efficiency. How is it that the American car companies have brands in Europe that get outstanding mileage, are cheap, and look good to boot? And they won't bring them here? I remember a list of Euro cars that got...
  17. jasonh You-Tube

    Nice job Fair :)
  18. jasonh

    I think our hobby is about to become more popular!

    How about this one Joe.... late 80's Honda CRX HF (or was it HE) got 50mpg. Wasn't a hybrid or anything special. Why do I now have to spend 25 grand on a hybrid to get something like that? I know you were talking American, but still...
  19. jasonh

    I think our hobby is about to become more popular!

    DPS has issued about 150,000 tickets based on those activations and received payments on nearly 25,000 citations. Hah. I got a camera speeding ticket in Paradise Valley about a year and a half ago...just ignored it. Those things are crap. Wasn't that red-light-camera company peeved at Mesa...
  20. jasonh

    help! exhaust tip fell off.

    It shouldn't be hurting it. Just try to keep the full throttle runs to a minimum till you get it taken care of...mostly for your and others' ears sake.