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  1. jasonh

    I get too distracted

    Yes, I have not been around for a while. I really get too distracted with other things. It seems like I can only manage 1, maybe 2 hobbies at once....especially when it comes to posting on forums about them. Unfortunately I have more hobbies than that :) After moving at the end of...
  2. jasonh

    a horn (if you already have a battery for lights)

    So I was dinking around on Harbor Freight's website and I stumbled on this: Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices I think I might get one of these eventually, once I get a battery and lights. Might be nice to have a good loud horn, with a fun sound nonetheless.
  3. jasonh

    sometimes it's just not worth being cheap

    I guess you do in fact get what you pay for. THese handlebars were $7, and this happened while merely kickstarting the bike. Back to straight bars for now I guess. Then I just gotta find a good set of riser bars. bleh, so much for my bike ride tonight.
  4. jasonh

    my new build

    Well it's about darn time I start a thread for my "new" bike. So a few months ago, I blew my motor up - piston ring retaining pin came out, ring rotated and trashed the cylinder. It took me so long to get around to getting a new motor, I figured I'd paint the bike while I wait. Well, I got...
  5. jasonh

    All I got for my birthday was a mandatory court date...

    Ok, that's not ALL I got, but that was the big one. So, I've been here in Colorado since March. Apparently there's a law saying you have to get CO plates for your car after 30 days. I just hadn't gotten around to it, usually because I didn't have the money. My AZ plates were still good, so...
  6. jasonh

    vintage motorcycles

    Was just dinkin' around online and found this site. Lots of nice hi-res photos of older bikes. Motorcycle History & Photos of Antique Motor Bikes, & Classic Vintage Motorcycles
  7. jasonh

    Heavy duty bike chain

    I'm going to be ordering a shift kit in a couple days for my bike. My current chain is just whatever came on the bike 10 years ago. Haven't checked it for stretch or anything, but I thought it might be a good idea to get a new chain just to be on the safe side. I'd like to get something a...
  8. jasonh

    Totally not prepared.

    So up until this past February, I had lived in Arizona for 24 years (aka my whole life). Honestly the last 5 years or so I wanted to leave for a cooler climate, badly. (oh, and less people, and less stuck up snobby entitlement people - no offense to the Arizonans here) So when I got the...
  9. jasonh

    Colorado registration

    Just thought I'd post this up for any fellow Coloradians... According to law you're supposed to register your motorized bicycle. It's the same class as a 50cc scooter. (heck here in Longmont you even have to register a plain old pedal bike). Since we still have pedals, you don't need to fill...
  10. jasonh

    Painting my bike

    So, since I'm waiting on my new motor to arrive, I figured I'd take some time and paint the bike. Probably should've started sooner since the motor should be here tomorrow :) Here was the bike before: After I got the bike all disassembled I cleaned it up and removed the stickers and cleaned...
  11. jasonh

    muffler temperature

    Anybody know about how hot the HT mufflers get in the stock location? I have a couple ideas floating around in my head....
  12. jasonh

    top end rebuild

    Hey everybody. So, a few weeks ago, I had a couple problems with the bike. As it turns out, one of the pins keeping the piston rings in place came out, and the ring caught on both ports, essentially trashing the piston and cylinder. Bummer. So I need to rebuild the top end. Should be...
  13. jasonh

    imitation is flattery, I guess...

    So, it's kind of amusing. The kids in my neighborhood all go googly-eyed when they see my bike. A couple weeks ago, I was pulling into my driveway and a couple kids were passing by on their bikes. I heard one of them say "I gotta get a bike like that." So last weekend my mother was in...
  14. jasonh

    Stripped choke lever screw

    So, my choke lever has been a little loose lately, and at higher rpms the incoming airflow will suck it halfway closed. Last night I went to tighten the nut a little bit, and the darn thing stripped. I barely touched it, lol. Now the lever is so loose just trying to start the bike will move...
  15. jasonh

    Afraid of dual-pull brake levers?

    Yeah, me too. I just don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. I figure eventually I'll brake (heh heh) down and get one, but for now, this'll do. I haven't personally seen this one anybody's bike, so I thought I'd share. You can get them lined up with the adjuster screws on the side of...
  16. jasonh

    Google Chrome

    I was just wondering today when Google would come out with their own web browser. So I hit up Google and lo and behold, they just released one yesterday, lol. I've been using it today, and it's really neat. Way faster than IE and also faster than Firefox. This might be my new favorite...
  17. jasonh

    Rain riding

    So, I've found myself riding in the rain both yesterday afternoon and this morning. Yesterday wasn't too bad. I was lucky I started using my jacket yesterday morning, as it would've been sucky without it. It's just a light pullover jacket, but is water resistant. Unfortunately I was just...
  18. jasonh

    sweet-looking trike begging for a motor

    Was browsing the bikes on Target's website and ran across this. Would probably take some work and fabrication to get a motor to drive it, but it would be SUPER SWEET. Triton Pro Ultimate 3-Wheeled Cruiser - Silver : Target
  19. jasonh

    Video - my daily commute (and hopefully others)

    Well I have about 75% of my daily commute on video. My camera likes to corrupt longer videos, so I had to stop and restart recording every time I got a chance. Unfortunately the last portion was too long and got corrupted :( But this 12min video is 75% of my daily commute to work. This was...
  20. jasonh

    autolube/oil injection conversion?

    So this morning I left for work thinking that it looked like I had enough gas in the tank to get home (didn't have any premix left in the gas can). Now that I'm at work, I'm not so sure I'll have enough to get home. This got me to thinking. "If only I could fill up at the pump..."...