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    New Build: Cranbrook/Lifan 152F Flathead/TAV2

    What you could do is place a want ad on Craigslist, needing that rear coaster wheel. You might find a free wheel.
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    New Build: Cranbrook/Lifan 152F Flathead/TAV2

    I'd suggest replacing the entire wheel with a hub having sealed bearings. Then no labor cost on relacing the hub. Orrrr, use a 3-speed hub.
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    Is it possibe to add a transmission with multiple gears too a 2 stroke bike?

    Make sure you choose your gear ratios correctly. If not, you might damage your clutch, or your high gears will be ineffective.
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    Staton-inc is Screwing Me!

    Working on it!
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    Staton-inc is Screwing Me!

    The check cleared. Then I ordered a special sprocket; it arrived in time. I'll probably order two more sprockets. The reason I order from Staton is that they're the correct size. They're also drilled and bored to bolt on freewheels, and they're reasonably priced. I'll make small purchases...
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    What is the quietest motorized kit

    A CY460 engine is noted to be a loud one. However, I got mine to be so quiet, I swear I could hear the piston ring scraping the barrel at idle speed. I used the CG muffler from SickBikeParts and 18" of 5/8" of silicone rubber tubing.
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    Roller attachment for MY1016

    Google tor conveyor belt rollers. Some even have one way freewheels.
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    I'm New, So Take It Easy :)

    Like Davideo said, limping home on one engine is much better than pushing your bike for miles to get. home. Then there’s the extra torque for climbing steep hills or bucking headwinds.
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    I'm New, So Take It Easy :)

    Welcome to our world, Spankler. I've done old-school lead batteries(heavy!) with electric hub in the front wheel. The bike first weighed 45lbs and ended up @ 125lbs. Its top speed was about 27mph, with a 54-mile range. Modern batteries would have lightened the bike. I've also done rear...
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    Sickbikeparts 4stroke shift kit shimano nexus 8 hub gear ratio

    Swap your 30t chainring to 36t, and use your 18t rear sprocket.
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    Google is your friend.
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    Staton-inc is Screwing Me!

    zean, thank you for your kind words. The parking lot where I rent space changed management in December. After paying on time for YEARS, I paid for January by mistake. After several emails, texts and emails, they said the check will be in the mail by next week.....maybe. Here we go again.:(
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    Staton-inc is Screwing Me!

    After emailing and mentioning "The BBB", Dave responded quickly, apologized and sent me a refund in full. It took 114 days from ordering, til I got my refund.
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    49cc 4 stroke Pull start problems

    Adjust your throttle cable or bracket. Maybe it’s binding. Pull start recoils on a new engine seems normal. Do short pulls on the rope. Just suggestions.
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    Micargi Seattle SS

    What size is your steerer tube? You're in luck, if it's 1.125". There are many vendors selling that size on ebay. If it's 1" size, only a few vendors.
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    I had a couple of drinks and I'm a little bit tipsy then I ...

    Wow! That’s a stiff fine.
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    Staton-inc is Screwing Me!

    I’ll reserve further comment until I cash the refund check. He did offer me a10% discount on my future orders.
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    Staton-inc is Screwing Me!

    Staton apologized and said my refund check is in the mail. We’ll see.
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    Staton-inc is Screwing Me!

    I didn't use PayPal. Staton emailed once, said they had machining problem. By the time I contacted CC, it was too late to resolve.
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    Staton-inc is Screwing Me!

    No. I used my credit card. Staton emailed me today, saying I needed to choose between a 36h and a 48h wheel hub. He claimed he emailed me many times and I didn't respond. I never ordered those wheel hubs, and I never got his emails he supposedly sent. I told him I wanted my money back. I had...