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    chain will not clear, Ideas?

    I finally got around to installing my dax engine. Everything was going great until I got around to installing the chain. When I align the chain with the gears it drags against the bottom rail of the rear wheel triangle. If I try to push it over with the tensioner it pops off the gears. I...
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    Macargi info

    I'm going to motorize a bicycle for my daughter and we've been looking for a bike that's small enough for her but big enough for an in frame 2 stroke. She likes the Macargi Jaos beach cruiser 20 we found online and it looks like it has plenty of room for a motor. I have never heard of Macrgi and...
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    need help picking the right bike

    I bought a center mount engine kit from dax for my daughters birthday but her bike frame is a little to small so now I need a new bike. I went bicycle shopping and like the look of the beach cruisers but with those 26" wheels it was to tall for me much less my kid (short family) Anyone know of...