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    Adding rust to motor???

    Odd question I know. Lots of threads telling me how to get rid of rust, but I've seen some pics of some really cool BTRs with rusty engines. I can tell the motor is new (China Girl) but the jug, head, and lower end all look like they've been sitting around forever. I don't think engine paint...
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    Can't find copper fuel line pictures???

    I've searched and searched "Copper Fuel Line", "Copper tubing", lots of combinations, but no good pictures of copper fuel lines. I'm trying for a compression set up with brass nuts and compression fittings. Anybody out there have any good links or pictures. Thanks
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    Wood handle grips

    A while back I mentioned I was turning woodeout ofs out of cherry, oak, maple, etc. I've posted some pics of them on my album. Enjoy..
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    Trek Drift to Boardtracker build

    Anybody ever done one of these?? Searches don't quite give me what I'm looking for. Thanks for any direction
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    Cruiser to BTR...

    4 years ago, I built The Gypsy Flyer from an not too old Murray Monterrey. I'm moving in the direction of a more BTR look. Here are some pics...the lay back seat post is made from a mtb handlebar extension (it's what I had)...seems to in my album..enjoy
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    24" Board Trackers??

    I love Fat Frank and Thick Brick tires...something about that 3" width. Most board trackers have a real good look with these tires, and it looks by the proportions of the tires to bike, the trackers are built on 24 inch frames?? Can I get 26"X3" tires or do I stick with the 24"s? Oh, and can...