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  1. junkyard

    cool sidecar

    searched the forum and couldnt find any threads on sidecars but i found this pic on the web awhile back
  2. junkyard

    futon trailer

    build this tralier out of an old futon chair and part of an old bed frame and the wheel mounts came off an old wheelchair weak spot is the tounge cuz its only welded on but im goin to fix that this was made for a 4 wheel bike so youd need a dif tounge for a bicycle the total length is...
  3. junkyard

    1st china girl motorized bicycle 'fatboy slim'

    well i finally get to post some pics.....yay! rims and brakes came from kids x games motobike frame forks came from shamu bike added jackshaft with steel rear hub and rear dropouts im waiting on my kit to arrive .....should be here in a few days ill have more pics soon
  4. junkyard

    starting engine with freewheel

    ok i know usually the rear wheel moving will start the engine when you pop the clutch but the rear sprocket is solid mounted i have a jackshaft i made and a freewheel on the rear gunna have to start it using the pedals instead of the momentum of the bike is that gunna be a PITA?
  5. junkyard

    turn signal lights

    i finally found what i used on my bike for blinkers license plate bolt/lights found em on ebay
  6. junkyard

    generator inside jackshaft housing?

    ok its probly a dumb idea but is it possible ? magnet on the shaft....coil next to it inside a billet casing just throwin it out there
  7. junkyard

    milling question

    for the machinists out there....well jim and ret can you mill a square tapered hole to fit onto a 3piece bottom bracket?
  8. junkyard

    chillin in da burg

    well lets see....i guess it all started when i bought a schwinn spoiler back in 2005 i think was the closest thing to a motorcycle id ever seen and i knew i had to motorize it somehow first attempt was electric....made a mount from training wheel parts and a few old kickstands that...