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    bog down at top speed

    well it seems lately that im having a small issue with my top speed..everytime it gets to the top speed the motor will bog down a bit then resume. it will repeat the process over again..what could be causing this? im not even maxing out the throttle. thanks for any help its driving me nuts!
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    clutch pin question

    hey i seem to lose my clutch pin, so im just going to make a new one out of some hardned steel, but does any one know the measure ments??? thanks to all.
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    rear sprockey alignment

    im trying to align the rear sprocket and i keep coming into problems! no matter what i do it seems to not be centerd... any tips or info on the best way to solve a centering problem?
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    so what other non motorized bikes do you own!!!!

    well i got into this because i loved bikes, here is a couple from my collection, i love kona it was the first bike i had a awesome time buildiing them, here they are. heres is a kona unit 29 that got fresh coat of paint and some new decals
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    chain and tire problem!

    well im running into a small problem with chain rubbing on the side of the tire. i solved it a little buy having the tire put on at at a small angle to the drive side, but not sure how safe this will be, any way i could solve this, if not i guess i could run smaller tires(but the 2.125 look so...
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    new build almost done

    well after modifying the frame here and there and repainting and...etc lol finally almost got it all together. still going to realign the rear sprocket and a few thing here and there, but other then taht here she is, im looking for a nice front springer fork also any recommends were to look?
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    coaster brake install

    well got the sprocket on the wheel wheel nice and flush! now im reinstalling the coaster brake and i was wonder how tight these two nuts should be it seems if i tighting them to much the axel wont spin its this correct? or should they just be tight enough to let the axel spin freely
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    ahh the coaster brake

    hi, im trying to mount a sproket to the rim, and need some help. the hubs is a coaster brakes, what the best way to mount this? were can i find some good pics to do thisany help would be great!!!
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    fuel tank mounting help

    hey guys, i have this frame, and im wondering what the best way to mount the tank on the frame. just looking for a little advice from someone that ran into this problem!
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    what motor is this?

    i was lurking around and found a few build with this motor, who sells these? they look very slick and very powerfull! thanks for the help
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    bogging down

    well first off, im totally happy with my motor and this awesome froum, very very helpfull, thank you! but now another sitution has arised! my motor is new and not even 10 miles on it yet, but it seems when im going full throttle or some time even when im on the way to full throttle the engine...
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    well got the motor up running...but i lost the screw that tightens the cable to the clutch.. any body no where i could get a replacement? or what could be used instead? some thing i could pick up locally? thanks squire
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    clutch promblem

    ihi new to the forums.. i recieved my first motor today. and everything went as planed, but when i went to install the chain the sprocket where the clutch is, is to close to the inner wall and the chain will scrap the inner wall of the motor? is this a easy fix? or will the motor have to be...