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    Seattle area motorbicyclists with shop?

    HI I wish I had a shop. I want a super commuter based on a moderately high end road bike with racing wheels. My hope is to have a fast, reliable and lightweight bike with a cvt transmission. I imagine that it will need to be entirely custom. I think it would be fun to get together...
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    looked at 50cc scooter thought how much better they could be

    I have a motorized bicycle and it is fun, but not too reliable. I thought I would like a scooter, but when I looked at them, they seemed so unnecessarily heavy and bulky. I thought how much more I would like a quality motorized bicycle that could weigh in at 55 pounds or so, instead of 200...
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    simple covered trike ideas

    I live in Seattle and I like the idea of commuting, but I HATE riding in the rain. My thought would be to design a trike with a full shell that is simple to build. The idea would be to make a trike (velocar) that is: 1) easy to build starting with an already built recumbent 2) improved...
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    GT50r - do not do it

    GT50r - (one model below) wait and see I purchased a model, which is the same motor, but one less horsepower. It is mounted on rear friction drive. My hope to have more power and reliability than the Happy Time motor on my other bike. It failed on both counts. The HT is far better on hills...
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    want to modify BMP to make it lighter and cleaner looking

    I posted before in order to use the seatpost as mounting point (use a threadless handlebar stem) I wish to put a dax 4.2 hp motor with the bmp kit. The steel channel is very heavy and excessively wide. Has anyone modified this kit? How much lighter did you get it?
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    BMP friction - want to modify to attach to seatpost

    I have a racing bicycle and I would like to modify a bmp friction mount to attach to the seatpost instead of the seat stays. I am looking for a clean look and a bit lighter. Has anyone here done this? I do not have a machine shop so I am a bit limited in what I can do. Thanks for suggestions
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    Harbor Freight 79cc, bike trailer suggestions

    I have been going back and forth between making a powered bike trailer and just getting a normal kit to start, but right now I am leaning to a bike trailer with a harbor freight 79cc 4 stroke. It would allow me to use my racing bike and have load capacity. I have a fork for a 27" wheel...
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    standard bicycle chain

    I plan on buidling a one wheeled bicycle trailer with a 79cc motor (harbor freight). I would like to use a standard bicycle chain as I am able to easily make a jack shaft with bike parts and they are lighter and more efficient. Does anyone have any experience with this? Also, I would like to...