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    how far have you gotten??

    without your MB breaking???? (and what broke when something did break?) 1. 1-100miles 2.101-250 miles 3.250-500 miles 4.500+ miles 5.none of the above, I took my bike out of service to mess with/upgrade .... Also: who has gotten the highest miles without messin with it (the MB)...
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    riddle me this...

    riddle me that.. what is it up to that I am at?
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    copper muffler pipe question

    Hello, Im new here. I recently purchased a new muffler for my motorized bike and it didnt fit. I will have to make my own manifold pipe. Ive noticed a lot of people use copper pipe. My question is this: What are you soldering it with? Plumbers solder? Brazing? What? Id rather use low temp...