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  1. junkyard

    1st china girl motorized bicycle 'fatboy slim'

    Re: 1st china girl 'fatboy slim' well ive been out of the loop for awhile after the test ride the bike ended up in the shed broke it out this week and gave it a kick and to my surprise it started right up took it for a spin and it rode great now to tear it down get some paint on the new...
  2. junkyard

    Pirate Cycles

    hey jim give me a call.....i lost your #
  3. junkyard

    A little perspective.

    yea i had a chinese mak-90 and the interior is basically empty and you can see all the inner workings i doubt that gun would ever jam up....a few smacks on the side and all the sand would fall right out it wasnt as pretty as a finely milled and manufactured ak-47 but it did the job
  4. junkyard

    Pulled Over!

    brett went for a tag....they said he didnt need one he never went to find out about needing a license seeing as how he tried to explain to the DMV his MB was classified as a moped and was trying to get a tag for it i think he knew fully he would need a license to ride it im pretty sure...
  5. junkyard

    Throttle replacement

    try wd-40 for the grip.......unless its glued
  6. junkyard

    Bike Side Car

    Re: Sidehack ! thx for the buddy had plans to use a ladies frame the same way you did but i like the mens frame idea better
  7. junkyard

    Transfer Port Modification- Pictures and results here.

    yea cmon....blackwood sounds alot offence
  8. junkyard

    Gear Calculator for Multi ratios

    ok the way i was told to fill in the gear calc was to enter 20 and 82 in the top 2 spots for the motor the next 2 are the motor drive sprocket and the left side of the jackshaft last 2 are the right side of the jackshaft and the rear sprocket then wheels and 6000 rpm for top speed...
  9. junkyard

    Which sparkplug?

    Spark Plugs | Automotive Spark Plug | Motorcycle Spark Plugs | E3 this is the plug i got E3.12 kicks right over.....i kickstart my bike using the pedal....not while im moving......lift rear wheel and kick i didnt even gap might run hot tho.....Spark Plugs | Automotive Spark...
  10. junkyard

    Why not smaller chain?

    dax sells a 10 tooth sprocket for the motor that lets you use reg bmx chain make sure you get the puller tool if you dint get one with your kit not sure about the rear sprocket....i have a custom jackshaft
  11. junkyard

    Clutch arm and housing

    unfortunatly its normal....some are easier than others but the way they make the post its an on or off deal Creative Engineering , a fellow member, sells a clutch actuator upgrade kit very nice and looks great....quality product link to the thread...
  12. junkyard

    One of my own...

    you have a great place to ride.....looks beautiful nice bikes too
  13. junkyard

    cool sidecar

    searched the forum and couldnt find any threads on sidecars but i found this pic on the web awhile back
  14. junkyard

    Transfer Port Modification- Pictures and results here.

    i used a pocket bike motor without the add on that one has....took it off my pocket bike problem is theyre made for pocket bikes and not bicycles....theyre too wide....unless you rack mount it.....i have a spoiler with the 4.25" back rim and its still too wide....i had to run it without the...
  15. junkyard

    I'm Getting a Moped Instead

    ya know its kinda like askin a hot rod builder why he doesnt just go get a tercel its just not the same
  16. junkyard

    Thanks to the forum!

    thats the trick i read everything i could before buying my kit....and i still lurk in chat cuz they answer alot of stuff there too but yes the search engine works great good luck...cant wait for
  17. junkyard

    Bike Stand For Motorized Bikes With Suspension Forks

    i have a 20" bike and was going to lay it flat and custom mount it so when it would normally be down it would be up and vice you think it would work? its kinda hard to tell the angle of it in the up position and how hard it locks in the up position
  18. junkyard

    Mb09 Tampa Bay Meet

    im not a definate show cuz its takin a bit longer than i hoped for the build but if everything goes well i might make it
  19. junkyard

    Bike Stand For Motorized Bikes With Suspension Forks

    Bicycle Kickstand, Double Leg Adjustable Silver 570-003 - eBay (item 370144045709 end time Mar-13-09 19:56:19 PDT) could get one of these
  20. junkyard

    1st china girl motorized bicycle 'fatboy slim'

    Re: 1st china girl 'fatboy slim' few more pics was gettin dark so the pics arent great lighting is everything with this cam......and even then the pics arent great