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    point beach and shift kit question

    Im building a point beach motorized bicycle and decided to get a shift kit, problem is im at work and dont know the seat tuber size offhand and google has failed me. halp?
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    Couple Question's

    So im not all that experienced with aftermarket parts, performance, power, all that. ive always built these things stock but i decided to go all out this time and i had a few questions im sure you all can answer with ease; 1) Can I run a stock engine with a HP carb and HP expansion chamber...
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    Inky reporting for duty!

    whats up yo, Im Inky. AZ street artist, excitable 20 year old, and avid bike builder! ive been using the forum for information and reference for a couple years now and somehow never got around to making an account. so here I am! something ive been wanting to say for quite a while, in...