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  1. PaPa_FoZzY

    finally getting it together

    So about 2 years? ago I think I had labrat pick me up a frame for a turn of the century style build. It's been a slow process and I even built it once so I'd have something to ride around on, but it had no style. Here recently I've had the drive to go and do the things I wanted to the frame...
  2. PaPa_FoZzY

    ISO: jackshaft

    I'm looking for a jackshaft or equilvant that will or could be made to fit a 79cc preddy. I know AGK has them but im on a budget (like most of us) and I'm not quite got my head right to pay $135.00 plus shiping
  3. PaPa_FoZzY

    Cranbrook 2 stroke cruiser

    I posted one pic of this a few months back in the intro forum, but I thought I'd share some of the pictures I have of it now. It's currently down with carb troubles. The bike is a huffy cranbrook that was given to me and I bought the kit and asseories from bike berry. I don't have the higest...
  4. PaPa_FoZzY

    79cc HF no mounting plate?

    So I'm working on my second build, first one non kit. I'm using a 79cc HF and a schwinn point beach complete with v brakes and rack. I bought the engine yesterday and when I opened it everything was there but a mounting plate. Is that going to be a problem, or will the mounting plate offered...
  5. PaPa_FoZzY

    New motorized bicycle guy here

    hello all, happy thanksgiving. Hope everyone had a good holiday. Been lurking this site and others that google threw at me for a month or so. Hopefully I finally got all the bugs squashed on my first build and will be riding it in our Christmas parade next weekend. here is a photo taken of my...