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    Help no idle

    I have china kit that runs great the only problem is it won't idle at all. Any help?
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    Confusing problem, plz help

    :-||Ok so when I start to ride my bike, everything works then i go to release the clutch to start the engine and then the chain tension adder (not sure what its called) goes into my bike spokes locking the back tire and sending me over the handlebars. What should i do? i have tightened it as...
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    Need a little help..

    I finished building my motor bike and I was very excited until it failed to start. I held the gas in and when i released the clutch to engage the engine i heard the engine try to start and fail. The gas line line is fine and there is a switch on the clutch with 2 chinese symbols, i have tried...
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    Throttle & Handle Help - PLEASE

    I have just bought a kit (crappy one from china).. we have the engine mounted, and now when we try to put on the throttle, it is WAY too big for the handle bars, but heres the confusing part, the left handle fits perfectly. Am i missing something? Any help is appreciated a ton!