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    Cyclecarts Cool!

    Check out these "go karts" Jalopnik - CycleKarting: Extreme Vintage Go-Karting - CycleKarting
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    How Roland helped all of us in AZ

    I guess a lot of you have already seen this. I thought I should link to it, since I just figured out how to do links. I almost forgot to mention, I lived on Bean Ave during my moped dealing days in the 1980s. It must be the neighborhood that breeds us two wheeled crazies. :D Spooky Tooth...
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    Puma Segway thing

    I guess everyone has seen this contraption. I just saw it on the morning news, My big city adventure in a teeny, battery-operated Segway car - GM's new PUMA
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    New site for pet lovers

    My lovely genius wife is a Community Manager for a new website for pet people, not people that are pets, people that love pets. Please give it a look if you're a pet people. Thanks.
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    Rear drum brakes for Whizzers?

    I was looking at that nice Sturmey Archer brake set-up posted on the General Forum and I started searching (not very effectively) about what I can do for my 2000 Whizzer's back brakes. I'm on a computer that's always teetering on the edge of crashing and searching becomes tedious. Any advice? :D
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    Happy Holidays from Tucson

    Thought I'd take a photo of the Whizzer with "luminarias" in the background. Luminarias used to be made with candles in paper bags. Nowadays, they are electric and a little bit safer. Sorry for the blurry shot. I was trying to shine a flashlight at the ground for more light..and using my...
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    Insurer fraud

    I didn't want to hijack anyone's thread so here is a link to a tip of the insurer fraud iceberg FINDING AN ATTORNEY
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    Puch powered bike

    I've searched a few forums and either I'm not searching correctly or it hasn't been done. I am thinking about putting a Puch E-50 motor on a bike. Is it too crazy? Am I dreaming? Parts are everywhere and the Puch E-50 has some power. What do you MB experts and builders think about...
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    Beater with an electric

    Several years ago, I installed this Spooky Tooth electric kit on my elderly buddy's 1960's 20 inch girls' Rollfast Scoot. He doesn't want to paint it. :ride: He's stuck on duct tape.
  10. W stickers?

    Have I missed them or am I just too lazy to check back more than one page?
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    Why presta?

    I probably missed any discussion on this topic but, why do presta valves exist?(?) Is there an advantage to using them? What am I missing?
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    Questions for Quenton

    I've read your posts about Whizzer engine mods and I understand that I should do nothing to increase power (heat) to my WC-1. Does that include cleaning up the intake/exhaust? Also, do mods exist that I can safely do on this WC-1? Your word is gospel. Thank you.
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    Tucson Whizzer Ride

    Took a short ride around Tucson's University of Arizona and the quaint area just north of downtown called Fourth Avenue. :ride2:
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    New store for electrics

    There's a new electric bike shop opening soon on University Blvd. near Euclid in Tucson. Hopefully they will make their presence known soon. Probably a web site? Saw a couple of really old geezers looking in the window....must have been almost 50 years old! Its been my experience to never base...
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    I saw you...

    Sunday August 3rd I was busy fake pedaling the Whizzer westbound past the Tucson Police Department on west Prince road. I didn't notice the two motorized bikers waving at me until they were past me going eastbound:ride2:
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    Stolen bike recovery network

    I saw an ad for a reward being offered on craig's list in Tucson (in the bikes for sale section) a stolen green cruiser with ape hangers this past weekend stolen from a home on the northwest side of town. Is there a need for a dedicated section for lost/stolen bikes? It has a motor and tank.
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    Think bike by Ford

    I have a folding Think bike "Traveler" and was wondering if anyone else on this forum has even heard of Think bike. It got a lousy review online years ago, but the reviewer had to have been mildly brain damaged. The bike is fun and very reliable. I'm gonna hunt for the cruiser version, found two...