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  1. jolfstn


    While riding to work on my 1000 watt 52 volt fat tire from Bicycle Motor Works, I was boxed in by a Prius next to a tall curb, as an ambulance siren sounded, I could see the youngster driver craning his neck the opposite way behind his car while his Prius is boxing me in closer and closer to the...
  2. jolfstn

    I've defected.

    Hello comrrades! I've traded in my piston for an electromagnet snd gas & oil for an outrageosly expensive battery. That's right I've gone electric. No more chinesium 2 stroke 'break down' every other ride noisy messy vibrating unreliable 2 smokers. I've been building the HT engine bikes since...
  3. jolfstn

    Kings/Gasbike $74 engine only

    Yesterday I installed my black Jet® brand engine only from Kings. The castings & finish seem comparatively very decent. My last engine from Gasbike had the issue that the spark plug hole was too big & unthreaded, also one of the piston retaining clips was missing and the base of the cylinder...
  4. jolfstn


    I have 4 entire HT engines, 2 of which are completely disassembled & the other 2 in various states of disassembly. I'm considering attempting to fabricobble a single working motor out of the 4 dead motors as they all had differing failure modes. I would find useful in this venture very detailed...
  5. jolfstn

    Jet 66/80cc motor only from or kings motor bikes

    I've ordered a Jet 66cc engine only from kings & was hoping someone can advise me as I hope to purchase upgrade head bolts from sick bike parts but don't know if I should order the m8 1.0 or m8 1.5, this refers to head bolt thread density pitch, can someone who has one of these jet engines...
  6. jolfstn

    Demise of yet another HT, considering Flying Horse electric start

    Happily broken in, my fairly new HT 66cc was performing very well, carrying my 250# self up very steep inclines and running smoothly overall, when 2 head bolt holes became stripped out. After ahell-coil repair of said holes, I proceeded to brake a piston ring during reassembly. I replaced that...
  7. jolfstn

    Sunding SD-558A speedometer

    Though I would rather an analog dial type speedometer the cables & wheel hardware don't last on my 1985 Fat City Cycles mountain bike with mag wheels & 66cc 2 stroke HT Engine from Bicycle Motor Works. I purchased this digital cycle computer from eBay for $10 including shipping. Seller is no...
  8. jolfstn

    Runtong vs. Dellorto SHA

    hi. On the last 3 of my builds, I've sworn by the Runtong built Dellorto SHA clones, it's the most dramatic improvement over the stock carb in performance, throttle response, torque, etc. It seems they wear out fairly quickly though. after about 3 months of use first the auto-choke fails, then...
  9. jolfstn


    Greetings. I haven't posted here as often as I used to in years past, but today I felt compelled. Now living atop a hill over a mile long with a very steep grade, the return trip home is often a useful diagnostic tool. The steep incline my 66cc HT can handle, albeit not terribly fast, without...
  10. jolfstn

    Generator giving me more horsepower, seemingly?

    Greetings all. Haven't posted in quite a while. On my latest build, I've added a 12v mini gen max from Wonderful Creations ebay store, as well as the voltage regulator/battery charger to a re-purposed 11.1v laptop battery. Using this to power headlight, turn signal , brake light, horn and...
  11. jolfstn

    Velalert bicycle Lidar based radar

    From the makers of the companion bicycle seat ( comes Velo+Alert=Velalert. Alerts you of oncoming cars behind you in your blind spot so you can react before it's too late! Website says it's in user testing (how can I become a tester?) seems pretty cool...
  12. jolfstn

    Operational Engine Stand

    I have an extra HT motor and am considering fabricating a stand for my engine that will allow me to actually use & run the engine in order to test out modifications before putting it on my bike. I was thinking about a chain driven flywheel to give it a little resistance simulating actual use...
  13. jolfstn

    Removable Petrol Tank

    After my last build was stolen the day after I got it running, I made a deal with my building manager who initially was uncomfortable with my keeping the bike inside due to the gasoline. When going in for the evening, I shut off the petcock last couple of blocks of riding in order to empty the...
  14. jolfstn

    Riquimbi Dervish Model III up & running!

    Howdy comrades! Got my new motor yesterday & attached it to the Fat City Cycles 1987 Fat Chance I was given when the Model II was stolen last month. I was a little worried as these bikes are considered collector's items, but they way they're built; including the full chromoly frame & expert...
  15. jolfstn

    Riquimbili Dervish Model II STOLEN

    2 days after I got it running. had camera on bike rack but no resolution. White guy with sideburns, white hoodie, and apparently bolt cutters. Very sad. Planning Model III should only take a year or so to save up for. Being poor sucks.
  16. jolfstn

    Fat Tire & Clearance issue. Traffic, hills, and rambling questions

    This is my 2nd build, and I purchased this as the bike base: This issue is the 3" wide tires, which I'm sure will go far as smoothing out the ride goes, however, the standard spoke mounted rag joint doesn't have the necessary clearance. I've tried turning the sprocket over so the teeth are...
  17. jolfstn

    Riquimbili Dervish Model II: My 2nd build

    Greetings Motor-bicycling comrades: I've been away, having sold my last project, and have just now ordered the bicycle & motor for my next build. Lessons learned on my first build: Living in a coastal area, steel is a problem. My last bike rusted like nobody's business. I purchased an...
  18. jolfstn

    Super Rat USA message from Don Grubee

    I just wrote to Grubee asking when (or if) the Super Rat would be available here. I'll quote below: ME: "When last I enquired, the SuperRat was going to be available in the spring in the USA, it's now August, is it still EPA issues or what?" Grubee: "Yes sir it's or what; EPA issues but...
  19. jolfstn

    Dutch Harbor Telegraph article Damn, now my seceet identity is revealed...
  20. jolfstn

    Companion bike seat

    I've asked the manufacturer, and as far as they know, no one has tried one of these on a motorized bicycle. I'm assuming there would be some speed loss, but I'm seriously considering one of these for mine. Anyone have any thoughts?