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    My left side pedal snapped off when I was riding today

    I know it’s just a cheap cranbrook from Walmart is there an easy way to fix this or would it just be better to go to a bike shop and get a whole new crank set for it that might be a better quality? Thanks for any help.
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    Sounds like piston is hitting spark plug...

    Hi everyone. In the last couple days, I've noticed what I can best describe as a "clinking" noise when it idles or when I try to ride. When I try to ride it it struggles and can barely accelerate. Doesn't even have 5 hours run time on it. It's running 40:1. I'm going to check everything I can...
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    Is it possible to completely remove or disable coaster brake setup

    Just thought I'd see if its possible to remove the whole coaster brake setup so I can be rid of that damn coaster brake. Was riding a bit on Sunday and and bracket holding coaster brake on snapped off and the coster brake rotated and loosened my rear hub. How can I be rid of the coaster brake...
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    So I went to start my engine for the first time...

    Just wanted to know if it's normal for the engine to feel like it has some resistance when it first tries to start and run. I'm guessing its cause it needs to get lubricated? What else can I check? It also seems like it doesn't want to stay idling. I've already tried adjusting the idle screw a...
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    Chain is rubbing on frame

    I've tried adjusting everything... tensioner etc and chain still rubs frame. It currently has a 32t cnc on it. Not sure what else to try need some help. If i adjust the tensioner one way it rubs the tire or the other way and it rubs the frame. There seems to be no in between. I don't know if...
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    Proper spark plug gap size

    Hi everyone. My sparkplug that came with my kit appears to not be gapped at all. What is the proper gap size or can I just go to autozone and buy right size spark plug. I've never had to gap a spark plug so need some help. Thanks!
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    Accidently cut chain a link or two too short. Resize chain?

    Is there an easy way to press the chain link back in to add more to my chain? got a smaller 32t sprocket and accidently took too many links off the chain. I used a chain breaker tool. How can I remedy this? Thanks!
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    Chain binding problem

    My bike is fully built but when you try to crank the pedals the chain feels like it's binding with a notable amount of resistance. I believe the chain is lined up best as possible but I also noticed that when i rotate the pedals the chain partially tries to jump off the rear sprocket. It has a...
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    Clutch seems stiff and cable slips when pulling in clutch lever

    Hey everyone. Earlier today I was trying to remove the slack in the end of the cable that goes through the lever on the motor. But it sort of feels like trying to push in the clutch mechanism is so stiff the cable end that goes through the little piece will not hold adjustment and slips loose...
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    So my build is just about done but got a question

    Hey guys. How can I get a little more clearance between the frame and the rear sprocket(cnc hub mounted 44t) and decent gap between bicycle chain and tire? Having trouble getting a safe enough gap between rear wheel and both chains.
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    How can I loosen a tight rear wheel on a Cranbrook?

    Hey guys so I got my CNC sprocket today and put it on but I noticed after removing the coaster brake arm(was trying to avoid having to do this) when I spin the will just just a tad tight. The wheel seems to rotate just fine but I can tell there's just a hair of tension as it doesn't spin as...
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    Need piece that goes behind master link in 415 chain

    Hey guys. I hope this is in the right section. I lost the part that goes behind the master link on the 415 chain and was wondering if someone on here has an extra I could buy off them. I don't want to have to buy a whole new chain. I went on and with shipping its like $11. Can...
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    Can’t get c clip back onto bt carb needle

    Hi everyone. I yesterday I was trying to put my throttle cable into the carb and the needle fell out and the tiny c clip on it came off and I can’t get it back on. What can I do to get it back on? Thanks!
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    Started building my motorized bike today but ran into a problem

    Hey everyone, as I am new to this hobby i have run into a problem. Its on a cranbrook and when i try to turn the pedals the back wheel acts like it cant rotate. The drive chain is not connected to the motor yet nor is the clutch installed. Like its locked up or something. What can I do to fix...
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    Starting my first build but need some advice...

    Hey guys, I apoligize if this thread is in the wrong place. I just got a Huffy Cranbrook with comfort fit frame. First, I wanted to know if the dust cap on the rear wheel is necessary being its only going to be for street use no offroading or trail riding. In that case, do I still need the...
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    What size is rear wheel hub

    Thinking about getting a cnc sprocket for a huffy cranbrook with comfort fit frame. What is the diameter for the rear hub so i can get the right adapter size?
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    How can I bend stock muffler to clear pedals?

    Hi everyone. If this thread is in the wrong place someone please move it. I've been away for some time but I'm back and just wanted to know if there's another way to bend my muffler so it will clear my pedals since I don't have a blowtorch nor do I have a workbench vice. How else can I bend it...
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    Question about 66cc kit on a Walmart bike

    I hear a lot of controversy on if bikes sold at Walmart are good/safe to put engine kits on. I don't honestly know who's right. Kinda would like to put my kit on a newer bike. Preferably on a frame not made from aluminum. Should I consider getting like a cheap $100+ bike from Walmart or do they...
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    Question regarding stock exhaust pipe

    Hey everyone. Hope I'm posting this in the right place. How can I bend the exhaust tube to clear my pedals if I don't have a torch? Tips? Ideas? If this isn't in the right place, can someone move it? Thanks!
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    Specs for my Trek 930 mountain bike

    Hey everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my bikes specs for the build I'm attempting, but here they are. I was trying to find where I can put it on my profile so for any questions etc I have everyone will know my bikes specs. If this is not in the right place, where can I...