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    hello here is a old project Vid

    Short video of my gas bike showing off some speed
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    Anodized Blue Grubee Skyhawk Frame cvlt1
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    47.6mm sleeve project China Doll brnot
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    Any one looking for 47mm sleeve cylinders?

    Hello my friends, I am offering sleeve cylinders to the public , The advantages are noticeable do to they hold the compression a lot better and the pistons that I used for the sleeve cylinder are better quality with chrome piston rings. I having issues to down load pictures of the sleeve...
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    Wtb billet Clutch cover tensioner
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    Sonic Tron Motor Bike

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    Hello From The MIA

    Well guys I been for the past year in the lab figuring out how to gain as much power out of this china doll motors. I have manage to figure it out by trial and error and testing and tuning . Those headache are gone now and we are going to have fun with the new found power that these little...
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    GT Dyno Streched fuel tank???

    I am looking to see if any one know some one that fabricates fuel tanks.trk to fit the dyno stretched frame ???? .trk
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    Carbon Clucht pads

    Carbon Clutch pads Hello , I received a gift from some one they are made of carbon material.. Does any one know who makes this or sale them?
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    Does any one know what z-l crankshaft are?

    Looking to see if there is any information on this z-l crankshaft ???
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    "ZAE 50" crankshaft

    Is the "ZAE 50" crankshaft the same as the china doll crankshaft?
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    Top hat adapter or similar Disc brake & sprocket ????

    I am looking for a adapter to push my sprocket away from frame and to ad rear disc brake & to line up the chain a little better .
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    WTB stock 40mm pk80 cylinder

    I am looking to buy stock pk80 or similar cylinder that could work on 40mm crankshaft........
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    Where can i purchase Pk80 cylinder?

    I am looking for a stock pk80 cylinder can some one link me ...please .bf.
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    Stock CDI 3 wire Vs Stock cdi 2 wire???

    I herd some one talking about the stock cdi 2 wire gives more volts than the 3 wire?????
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    Morini s6 Water pump seal

    Hello , I am looking for a water pump seal with the bearings. Can some one help me out or link me . Morini franco usa don't have them
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    Morini GT2 Gas frame

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    Morini s6 FM12 2140 cylinder number???

    Franco morini cylinder number fm12 2140 spec???