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  1. East82

    Dropout Drama

    OK, so here is what is going on with my dropout (right side). I've taken the rear wheel off several times over the past month or so and I let the washers get beyond their usefulness. I've read some of the advice on the forums and it looks like I'll put star washers closest in, followed by flat...
  2. East82

    When is it time to kiss your China Doll goodbye?

    I believe the general agreement is that a standard HT 80cc will give you from 2000 - 6000 miles, maybe more, with decent care. At which point do you stop replacing parts, i.e. cylinder rings, piston, etc ... and get a new engine?? While I'm at it; question. My kit came without an inline fuel...
  3. East82

    What type of chain do I have??

    'nother question ...I have china doll standard 80cc. I want to get the correct chain break tool, but I do not know what type of chain I have. I think the consensus is my chain is most likely a #410. I don't even know what that means. Is there a way to tell, without question, what type of...
  4. East82

    The Dremel dilemma

    Filing, cutting, grinding and polishing ....these all require different dremel bits. Each of the different places a dremel is called for should be using a bit designed for that job. For example, grinding engine mounts to make them fit, porting and polishing an exhaust, filing or grinding this...
  5. East82

    Best method for mounting the engine / manifold bolts?

    After reading thru some threads and being directed to a search by decoherence I wanna run this past you all and see if it makes sense and if there might be a better way. The mounts, top and bottom, along with the intake manifold are studs. The outtake manifold is bolted on. My idea is to tap...
  6. East82

    Locktite blue 242

    Perhaps this has already been posted or addressed, but instead of traditional locktite, they make blue 242, which is used for items that need to be removed later.
  7. East82

    Tensioner issue solved for $5 and a hacksaw

    After toying with my first engine and now on my second, here are some observations that will help the noob (i.e. people like me who own just a few tools and aren't machinists). ~ Start with the sprocket, because it is the most tedious if done right. Get all the hardware set as perfectly as...