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    Cautioned in Adelaide!

    Here you go, this is one of the reasons they are starting to crack down. This guy is an idiot beyond belief.Cyclist&squo;s drunken snooze on the F3 | The Daily Telegraph
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    wanted anolog speedometer

    Excellent price!! it says it includes cable and mounting hardware. I,m ordering one, as I had to throw my $2.99 Chinese made bike computer in the garbage. do not get this Bike Bicycle LCD Cycle Computer Odometer Speedometer - ( item 160305540501 end time 16-Feb-09 01:55:42 EST)
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    Got a generator today - Now a question

    We have to assume here that the generator is putting out 12 volts? Is there a picture of this generator or a link to a picture? Im pretty sure H is the hot wire and T is negative.
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    Wind Chill- 16 degrees

    I,ll one up you, It was an actual (without the wind chill)-31 C up where I live, that the equivalent of -24 F.Thats Canada for you, I know its even colder on the prairies. I do ask myself sometimes if I,m crazy to live here.!
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    Install problems

    Thats what happened to me when I got rid of my tensioner, a couple of big washers between the wheel and frame provided enough space for the chain to clear the frame.Seriously consider listening to some of the experienced guys here and get rid of the tensioner, they are more of a PITA than its worth.
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    Broken intake stud resolution

    A new engine is a better deal, looks like they are doing their best to help out a customer.
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    Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

    good thing that part or all of your brains are'nt making a puddle on the street. thats what usually happens when you don't wear a helmet.
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    A Quick (Not Necessarily Fast) Bike

    That might not work Joe,everybodys speedometer is different and most are not accurate. You could have 2 M.Bs side by side going at the same speed and both will get different speedo readings. It needs to be a measured distance and timed with a stopwatch .
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    A Quick (Not Necessarily Fast) Bike

    Thats a good question and a very interesting one. We would have to set a standard measurement time over perhaps a precisly measured 500 feet? I know my bike is already well into its maximum speed in about one city block. It takes I,m guessing here about 10-15 seconds of acceleration to get to...
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    A little help?

    Excellent advice hiker 472, especially #5. Jerry pay attention to this advice and follow it as your life will depend on it.
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    12 volt fog lamp as headlight

    Thats a powerful setup! you got to be lighting up the night with 2-55watt lights setup the way you have over and under. Do you run them both at the same time or just one?
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    bogging down

    Jim, I see where you are going with this and its great to help out a newbie with this kind of problem. This is something I deal with all the time and would like to offer a suggestion if the heat method fails. I will use a Dremel rotary tool and using a cutoff wheel cut a slot into the broken...
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    Way to run headlight off weedeater motor?

    Thats true Deacon, remembering to keep it charged gets harder to do at my age LOL! Anyways I have 2 batteries so that at least one is always charged and ready to go.
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    Way to run headlight off weedeater motor?

    Whats wrong with messing with a small 3X3x5 inch battery?(?)
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    loss of power and engine just dies, can anyone help??

    Good for you that you found the problem! that is called a fuel bowl. and the part you found inside was probably the jet.
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    Idle problems

    From what I can see in your pictures try cutting the copper pipe so that you dont have a double curve, cut it so that the carb is mounted facing the side of the bike. And Pablo is right about the air leak. Make sure your copper pipe is completly sealed.
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    12 volt fog lamp as headlight

    Dont use an automotive battery thats way too big and heavy!!Get a small SLA 12 volt battery, mine measures only 3X3X5 inches and will power a 55 watt driving light (not a fog light) for 1-1/2 hours, find a little plastic or metal box for the battery to sit in and mount it underthe back of your...
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    bogging down

    Did you try NAPA ? that where I got mine.
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    Throttle Adjustment

    That little button is called a "tickler" its a primer button you push it a couple of times to get some gas in the carb. what it does is push down the float to allow gas to get in. Up here in Canada its way below freezing and I have my engine running within 10 seconds of pedaling, try starting...
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    Review of Livefastmotors chain drive rack mount

    Powerking has nice kits now,I think they have made a big effort to improve the quality of their engine kits, mine ran great out of the box.Get the limited edition 80 cc.(actually about 70cc). there are things you can do to improve them a lot more, but you can learn that from this forum. Good Luck!