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  1. RocketJ

    How to run bearings in this set up?

    I'm trying to mount this gearbox through the pedal shaft, but I need bearings to keep the gearbox aligned. The problem is that the shaft on my frame is smooth bored instead of grooved like on a regular bicycle frame. The only solution I can think of is using a flanged bearing. Is there an easier...
  2. RocketJ

    Does anyone know where I can find this fork?

    Looking for this fork to purchase.
  3. RocketJ

    How far can I tip a 79cc predator past 90 degrees before it becomes an issue?

    I know you can make a predator engine sit upright if you add a bit more oil, but how far can I move it past that upright position before there's a performance or oiling problem?
  4. RocketJ

    Let's build a V twin engine

    Gents, It's time to discuss the elephant in the room: v twins! For years, this forum has been asking about the ability to use a v twin in a frame and this summer I plan on making that a reality. Several months ago I saw a v twin air compressor pump and wondered if it was possible to convert one...
  5. RocketJ

    [Capital region, NY] I need help welding my rear end

    I'm in the middle of building an indian powerplus replica and I need to put a pivot in the rear end. I pretty much just need some small tubing welded to it, but I currently don't have a worker welder. Is anyone near the Albany area that could help me?
  6. RocketJ

    Got a few new parts for my indian powerplus project

    I'm close to starting my new project; a custom version of an indian powerplus
  7. RocketJ

    Merkel Motor Wheel?

    I've always been facinated by Joe Merkel's Motor wheel design. I've studied the patents, but it's still difficult to udnerstand how a hub based engine works with a coaster wheel. I found this restoration build, but still no dice. Anyone have an idea? I'd love to give this a try with a more...
  8. RocketJ

    It's getting there...

    I started this project about 6 months ago. It's slowly, but surely getting there.