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    Cylinder Pressure vs Cylinder Size?

    I "designed" my own cylinder head for this little 40cc motor I'm using and figured my 1st clue to if I got it right would be a compression test. Uh-oh. Only 75 psi. Even after I oiled up to simulate the rings being broken in it only got up to 95 psi. Based on past experience below 100 psi they...
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    Tire Bead Seat Dia.?

    I've been under the impression that all 26" tires would fit on all 26" rims, until I ran into this from regarding older cruiser tires...
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    Bleeding Chinese brakes

    Keeping a long story short I had to make a longer hydraulic line for my rear caliper. I got that done and now it's time to bleed. What's got me stumped is there's no bleed screw on the caliper. My neighbor has a Shimano bleed kit so I've got the funnel for the lever and a syringe with a tube...
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    A Tube Question

    When it comes to tubes are the 700c and 29" tubes interchangeable? I've seen info on the net that would suggest that ...
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    Suitable for a Bicycle?

    Free lawnmower with a broken handle, but the motor's fine. It's a 6.5 hp Tecumseh. 196cc. OHV pushrod with what looks to be a huge pushrod tunnel up the side of the motor. Got what I call a non-crossover head in that the intake and exhaust are on the same side. Muffler's missing. Pic. I'm...
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    A Simple Safety Device

    Showed up on my news feed. Looks kinda stupid but I'll bet it works.
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    Disc Brake Sets

    Anybody have any experience with these seemingly generic Chinese brake sets on E-Bay? Cheap enough but as we all know, sometimes ya get what ya pay for .. Mechanical...
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    49cc's on a Schwinn

    New here. Great site. What's goin' on in that BTR forum is nothing short of amazing! I had no idea. I'm just about embarrassed to take my skill set anywhere near those guys ... But here's what I got: It's a 49cc China motor from a "left out in the rain" mini quad and my sister's old Schwinn...