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  1. NelLussoSpecial

    Are clutch-ups possible?

    I've been trying to wheelie for a while now and I know the common method of clutch ups, revving then releasing, or is there another way?
  2. NelLussoSpecial

    Here are some things to watch out for before your kit.

    I've learned most of these the hard way, eg. my rear axle and bearing wore so I had to buy a new one and now I grease them, or spokes poking through your inner tube. 1. Always check your rear and front axles, these bikes aren't made for it so grease them with valvoline red, 2 months and it...
  3. NelLussoSpecial

    What bikes can fit a 49cc four stroke?

    So, I'm saving for a 49cc 4-stroke bike because I want to try something a little more spiced up than a vanilla 2-stroke, not that there is anything wrong with a 2-stroke, as a matter of fact I love their sound but what cruiser bikes could fit such a bulky engine?
  4. NelLussoSpecial

    Hey guys

    I've had my kit on my nel lusso for 3 months at this point, I'm not new to the kit as this is my first and I've learned a lot, I'm still learning and want a 4-stroke because I am tired of having a two-wheeled hummer, chinagirl kit, chopper kinda guy.