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  1. ultralight01

    Alternator ideas This generator is what I'm thinking of using to charge a 12v 4.5ah battery running a lot of thing (24W headlight, turn signals, and other lights. Thankfully I can save the battery juice for when it's...
  2. ultralight01

    3D printed HT intake manifold

    ... I own a 3D printer and I've been making intake manifolds for predator 212cc and 79cc engines for a month. Several go kart builders I know from another forum have purchased them, and they work great. I decided to model one for the HT engine. It took about an hour to get everything right...
  3. ultralight01

    79cc MTB official build thread

    I was posting some updates in one of my other threads, but it was off topic. The bike will have A 2000 lumen headlight 203mm rotor and hydraulic brake for front wheel Suspension fork CNC sprocket adapter Jackshaft disc brake 79cc predator engine (governor removed) Turn signals and brake...
  4. ultralight01

    Are the HT kits suddenly... faster?

    I've done some research on this forum and some people claim that their HT bikes randomly kick into "turbo" mode and give them a super-boost while riding. One guy claimed he hit 40mph. I hit 40mph on my bike, that wasn't even fully broken in, on flat ground. It has 29" wheels, but I may...
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    I wonder just how much energy you could put in your battery while riding or when your bike is parked with these: Say you bought, idk, 20+...
  6. ultralight01

    Ho else thinks this is a great deal?

    Seriously. Someone snag it already!
  7. ultralight01

    Finally, I'm settled on what I'm building.

    I've gone back and forth between the 79cc, 212cc, a huasheng, and even a Briggs 3hp engine. I have a 212cc predator, but after some discussion with most of the members on this forum it would be rather difficult for a 15 year old (me) to dream of getting such a homebuilt motorcycle legal. For...
  8. ultralight01

    18650 cell questions

    Hi there. I'd like to build a 48v electric bike with an 18650 cell battery. What layout will give me the most range with how may batteries? I'm willing to buy 50+, anything is cheaper than a $400-$1000 manufactured 48v battery. Thank you! Also, how do you charge a homemade pack like this?
  9. ultralight01

    Can you get back the $ you put into a bike?

    I'm getting the Schwinn for my 212 build tomorrow. My dad is conccerned this is an endevour where I may not get my money back. If I were to build a solid, attractive bike for anywhere from $600-$900, got it registered, and advertised it well in a big city, do you think I'd get my money back...
  10. ultralight01

    Predator 212 Cruiser build. "Katana"

    Undecided on the bike. Thinking about the Micargi Fatal Love 29". I may purchase a mountain bike with disc brakes and use the wheels and front fork on the cruiser. I have a predator 212 ready and governorless. My Schwinn Sierra build has been cancelled, I'm using the bike for the parts I...
  11. ultralight01

    What cruiser is best for the predator 212?

    I've been searching for an affordable cruiser bike that will fit a predator. Does anyone have recommendations? I'm looking for something affordable, preferably under $200 and maybe $300. That is a low price, but I'm good at finding deals.
  12. ultralight01

    Quarry ridge 29" cheapo bike ride. Quiet road. A week ago I took this to a friend'/ house, and slipped in snow, because, snow is slippery. The front brake was bent up oddly enough and the clutch is very loose. I like this bike but I don't like how it's failing on me. It's not reliable...
  13. ultralight01

    On this day in 2012 (Well, a couple days off), What the heck?

    So this is not my video. But I thought it was worth sharing. What is this guy thinking? Who is this guy?
  14. ultralight01

    3D printed Predator 212 39mm air filter adapters for sale

    Hi all. I've been prototyping and printing Predator 212 air filter adapters that will not melt and should last pretty much forever. They fit any standard 39mm air filter and work like a charm. This is much more useful since you can put any scooter filter or a cheap eBay filter and not...
  15. ultralight01

    I can machine friction drive engine rollers

    I have a lathe and several tools, so if you need a custom size friction roller up to 2" I can machine one. Just PM me.
  16. ultralight01

    212cc Predator Schwinn Sierra Enduro Build

    It's time to get building. THE BIKE 90's Schwinn Sierra. Will be upgrading fork, handlebars, brakes and wheels. New paint and fenders will be added. The ENGINE Predator 212 Hemi. IF I can get the c clip off the governor shaft. That is truly a pain in the but. As you can see it's currently...
  17. ultralight01

    79cc vs 212cc Predator

    So I'm about to build a new bike. I did build a china girl kit bike as you may or may not remember, but now I want something more reliable. I want to go with a predator, since I have experience with these engines from building go karts. I have a lot of experience with the 212, but I've never...
  18. ultralight01

    Just reccomening a bike

    This bike online is affordable, has full suspension, and has no bottom bar! It also has really tough wheels. I think someone could make this a really cool bike, and with no bottom bar you could put a large engine on it with some fabrication...
  19. ultralight01

    New here. Built a bike!

    Hello, My name is Logan. I'm 15 years old. I've been building go karts for a while, and I just built a motorized bike. With 29 inch wheels it hits 32mph on break in gas. That speed is well before revving it too high, when the engine sounds rattatataty and you get scared. Right now the rim...