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  1. Whistle Tip

    The Sledgehammer Build

    No luck at my local NAPA store but i did check for the heck of it home depot, (assuming since they endorse Royobi i figured i'd have luck). So there you go, i got a fricken bulb for $7.95. but thanks for the tip! whistle tip that is haha! Rustycase- yes napoleon dynamite is like a fine french...
  2. Whistle Tip

    First ride almost complete success.

    Well howdy, great job on the bike! I have started my first weed wacker bike for the sake of doing something with my friend on the weekends. But none the less i believe for a first bike we have the right idea. Anyway i have a few newbie questions, and seeing that you have been posting for quite a...
  3. Whistle Tip

    Hahahahah wipeout....

    Gnarly... i mean crap that sucks dude, hope you do better!
  4. Whistle Tip

    My first Motorized Bicycle, OCC Chopper custom street fighter!

    Re: My first MB, OCC Chopper custom street fighter! Cool stuff, i think the name on the gas tank is the finishing touch and you should stop there! haha just kidding dude keep the spirit alive!
  5. Whistle Tip


    Gnarly man, i want to eventually get a kit and work with getting around town for cheap, but i gotta get the time to try my own shot at a kit, but honestly if you use it to get to work or anywhere at that... you could probably save some cash considering how terrible prices are for gas in...
  6. Whistle Tip

    Schwinn Riverside/Skyhawk GT-5

    Hey how cool!!
  7. Whistle Tip

    The Sledgehammer Build

    Inspired by the film napoleon dynamite, "the sledgehammer" is pedro's most excellant bike. Its spectacular nature is much more than our bike could ever be but none the less we will try to do that medieval warrior haired entrepreneur justice... Howdy this is the continuation of my previous...
  8. The Sledgehammer: Royobi Ss30 front view

    The Sledgehammer: Royobi Ss30 front view

  9. The Sledgehammer: Rubber Roller

    The Sledgehammer: Rubber Roller

  10. Whistle Tip

    Oh Hi Whistle Tip!

    Well howdy I am whistle tip. My standards for my motorized bikes is similar of that ted nugents standards of life choices... I aspire to invest very little in my bikes and make them as simply as possible to have the most time to ride them. I have been quite frequent to for...
  11. Whistle Tip

    1junk snoblower+1bicycle=32mph and 202mpg

    Hey there you go Simplicty is the law of the land. I don't really see the motive to make a "gravity clutch" if you have a toggle kill switch. But on the other hand you may than to pedal when your engine doesnt have enough torque, however, the benefit is that you get to ride a lot sooner.
  12. Whistle Tip

    Will My Ryobi cs30 Engine Do The Job?

    Well I extend my many "thank yous' " to everyone who posted. From what I gather it would of been more economical to wait until I could get a free one, or one that is under 20$, which is funny i mention because yesterday i did get a free weed wacker from my uncle. Cripes! But I couldnt have known...
  13. Whistle Tip

    Will My Ryobi cs30 Engine Do The Job?

    I bought today, to start off my weed wacker bike build, a Ryobi cs30 30 cc engine. This is my first weed wacker/weed eater engine bike build. Firstly I bought the weed wacker from craigs list for 50$. I have followed the postings for my area for more or less a month, and have seen the range...
  14. Frick