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    Could This One Be Motorized

    Just purchased a rare chainless bike with an enclosed shaft transferring power from pedals to the 7 speed Nexus rear wheel hub. Now wondering what to do with it after doing repairs? Looks to be top quality construction but can find nothing on date, manufacturer, or history on the Internet. Any...
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    Fat Tire Folding Bikes

    With the warm weather drawing to an end I put away my gas/electric bikes and bought myself a bike for the coming snowy season. The fat 4 inch wide tires on this bike are inflated to 65 psi to minimize rolling resistance but I am planning to reduce that by quite a bit and use the bike for biking...
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    Any Guesses on The Make Model and Year

    A friend sent me a couple of pictures of antique motorcycles but have no idea of make and model of this one that appears to be made in U.S.A. judging from the name on the mail box.
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    Flip-Flop Hubs and Right and Left side Free Wheel Sprockets

    So bin working on a Flip-Flop wheel with a Fixey sprocket on the right side and a 54 tooth sprocket on the right side of the hub. The sprocket has a tooth pitch of 5/8 inch and is ready to accept the 8 mm T8F chain from the pocket bike engine or a small 4 stroke. At the moment I am leaning...
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    Loving my Phatmoto Rover

    Loving my Phatmoto Rover these days. After a rather drawn out learning period I can now say that my bike is just about perfect for my riding style. I ride for exercise and enjoyment and I am beginning to appreciate the design characteristics of this bike such as the engine speed governor (limits...
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    Cold Starting 66 cc China Girl 2 Stroke for Newbies

    While trying to help a new member start his first build, I got the idea of making a short video covering every pitfall I could imagine attempting a first cold start. Anyone with suggestions that we could add.
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    Today I got to show off My Hybrid Beach Cruiser

    On my Thanksgiving ride I came across a pair of road racers who had stopped on the trail to watch a couple of white tail deer who had just wandered across the trail.
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    Does The 2 Stroke Motorized Bike Spew Blue Smoke

    Since I ride alone I always wondered if at 30 to 1 mixture, does my 2 stroke motorized bike leave a trail of blue smoke. Ever since I discovered motorized bicycles I saw them as a fun set of wheels for old guys who will eventually loose their drivers license. From the outset I realized that it...
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    Adding Gears to Phatmoto Rover II

    Are there any Phatmoto owners here? I have been gathering parts for one of my pet projects; adding gears to the pedal system. I have found the single speed front and rear sprocket arrangement does not always meet my needs, as one of my interests in bike riding is gaining exercise and when I am...
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    What is your sweet spot motorized bicycle speed ?

    Today there was no one around so I took the opportunity to do some engine runs and test just how fast I wanted to go on my Schwinn Beach Cruiser Hybrid. In this case I have to admit that the China Girl was no where near maxing out at 31.2 kph and now I know that is faster than I want to go on a...
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    Pedal/Electric/Gas Beach Cruiser

    Just added a direct drive front hub motor so now I have regenerative capability which is a massive range extender when using gas power. The object is not to go very fast but when I do I want to go in comfort. .
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    Beach Cruise Hybrid Mk 3 Progress Update

    Hi Guys! Just want to let you know about my progress on version 3 of my search for the perfect bike for older guys like myself. Just finished testing the 24 volt motor/generator setup we added to the pedal drive train system that we added to our bike, so we could continue to exercise while...
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    Give your Gasbike the Water Bottle Tank

    Ever since I did my first gas bike kit installation I have been searching for ways to get rid of tell tale gas tank and now I think I have found it. The Water Bottle Tank! Now the next problem is to find that perfect place to mount it.....any ideas welcome.
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    Bike inspection before riding

    Just finished reading a post by a well known Phatmoto owner reporting on a Brake Disc screw that popped out and grounded him for a while. His advice is to check of your bike before each ride for loose nuts and bolts, something which I strongly endorse after my most recent experience. With this...
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    2020 Phatmoto Rover Choke Position Labeling Error

    I have been riding my Rover II for a couple of weeks not knowing that I was riding with the choke in the wrong position. It wasn't until I complained about the bike's performance did an observant viewer notice I was setting the choke position to OFF when I was about to begin my ride. Maybe I am...
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    Lifan 79cc 4 stroke bike engine Clutch Screech

    All of a sudden I have this horrible. screeching noise coming from my bike, I cant even walk it along without experiencing it. All comments and suggestions for a solution are much appreciated.
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    Phatmoto Rover II Hybrid Check Ride

    Just took my new Phatmoto Hybrid bike for a test ride today around the neighborhood mostly using the electric system and pedal power for propulsion. I did do a short section using gas and pedal power when the opportunity arose, just as a test of that part of the system. Observations: Chain noise...
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    Phatmoto Right Pedal Striking Engine Pull Starter Solution

    After receiving my new bike from I discovered to my sorrow that the right pedal interferes with the pull starter housing by at least 1/2 inches. If anyone else is having this problem you may be interested to know that I have found the solution, at least it solved my problem. I...
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    Extend Electric Bike Range by Recharging on Route

    Inspired by older thread on Extending Range I have been gathering components for a similar project but haven't advanced much farther than that. I am using a Lifan 139F 2 engine for power, a 24 volt 250 watt brush scooter motor for generator, and a 24 volt to 12 volt DC Golf cart converter for...
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    Playing with the Rules: Power Assisted Hybrid Bicycle?

    My first attempt at trying to create a Gas/Electric/Push hybrid bicycle, gas power when I am alone on the trails and need a thrill, electric on crowed paths and pedals on the level or down hill grades.