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  1. wrench

    Latest Build-Kulana Moon Dog

    Welcome to the Forum, Bike looks good, I would suggest a exhaust pipe to frame bracket. The muffler likes to vibrate and wiggle causing the exhaust mounting bolts to come loose. Or worse yet the muffler to snap off. That muffler is like a big crow bar and is easily ripped off if ya don't have...
  2. wrench

    Can't get motor to disengage!

    What motor? Sounds like a clutch problem. Adjust the clutch
  3. wrench

    Piston Pin Location

    Email if ya can, with your concerns about piston pin height. Do not take a chance and buy the wrong piston (B) You will not be happy
  4. wrench

    Hensim V-twin 49cc

    That is different Front cyl is 49cc Rear cyl is the air filter (dummy cyl)
  5. wrench

    Self Sealing Tube

    I hear the extra heavy duty ones with slime are good along with a Kevlar tire. Stops most flats
  6. wrench

    63 Schwinn Bobber

    Cool little tank where did ya find that?
  7. wrench

    Staton-inc is Screwing Me!

    Did you use Pay Pal?
  8. wrench

    Accidently cut chain a link or two too short. Resize chain?

    With the Chain breaker too ya should be able to press the chain pin back in to put a link back on If ya took the pin all the way out of the links ya took off you'll have to start the pin with a hammer Then press it in with the Chain breaker tool. That is if you got a good chain breaker tool...
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    Which small engines are CARB certified for on highway use?

    Since C.A.R.B (California Air Resource Board) is new 2020 regulations I don't think a C.A.R.B. certified Motor bicycle Engine has been made yet.
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    Which small engines are CARB certified for on highway use?

    No big deal your gonna have to pay a one time fee of about $20 for a M/B sticker The DMV will make up a vin# for you. No license or Insurance is required to ride a M/B under 4 Hp in CA. Ya don't have to Smog a M/B, Moped, Scooter or M/C in CA. I don't know who told you that you needed a Hwy...
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    Motor won’t start

    Check for a compression leak and look for any air leaks Not too many members seem to want to help ya here. I suggest taking this into the 2 stroke section or go to I'm a regular there and the members are way more helpful when it comes to 2 stroke problems.
  12. wrench

    Hello all

    Welcome Glitch, How about a pic of your ride
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    Motor won’t start

    Welcome to the forum. No spark, Maybe your new CDI is bad? It happens Make sure S/P wire is making contact. Check Mag air gap I suggest check all wire connections. The kill switch is known to be a problem. Disconnect and bypass it.
  14. wrench

    Chain binding problem

    Chain binding and jumping off sprocket - Causes 1) Rag joint sprocket is not aligned (centered on wheel) 2) Front sprocket oval shaped or warped 3) Front and rear sprockets not aligned properly 5) Chain too tight 6) Chain tensioner installed wrong 7) Rusty chain
  15. wrench


    I suggest you get an Inch lb torque wrench for motorbike engines as everything is under 20 ft lbs torque Foot lb torque wrenches ain't that accurate under 20 ft lbs. it will cause ya to over tighten stuff Check for air leaks from all gaskets
  16. wrench

    Hello, i'm skippy.

    Put gas in the tank rotfl
  17. wrench

    Could This One Be Motorized

    Yes your bike can be motorized 2 stroke or a 4 stroke Motorbike Engine Kit will bolt on. A sprocket for chain drive or a sheave for belt drive will work on the left side. Of course the Shaft Drive will be for pedal power only
  18. wrench

    Could This One Be Motorized

    I DIG the shaft drive bike. I'm trying to figure if ya can use the shaft drive and 7 speed hub with the motor? I'm wondering if any of this stuff could be could be adapted?
  19. wrench

    Center Stand?

    Yes it's all steel with 2 mounting bolts. I've been using one for 15 years and I'm happy with it
  20. wrench

    Center Stand?

    Strongest M/B center stand on the market