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  1. Hot Dog Piggy Tails

    New 4 stroke Center Mount Mounted on Schwinn Blackie 1 gal tank drum,springer

    Hey just finished the 4 stroke with our new Gearbox with double gears and double wide timing chain style chain drive..double collar bearings,44 tooth sprocket. Hauls the Lady friend and I around riding doubles like nothing.Rick of SpeedSterMotors
  2. Hot Dog Piggy Tails

    Specialized Nitanium Ritchey Rock Hopper 70cc Tiger

    This Bike is the Lightest Bike I've (SpeedSter Motors) has Motorized Yet. 39 lbs. I think with 1/4 gal gas. Super fast. Took it for break in period through town to town Switch back out here in Washington and I think It'd be a good Poker run. Monster Sponsored (Contacting them).dnut
  3. Hot Dog Piggy Tails

    TREK MotoredBike

    This one is probably a little fasst for the thrill seeker but maybe not If she needs it governed I can do it. I pedaled just a little bit up my shop driveway it hit powerband at the same time and flip had to pull the clutch and let it freewheel burnout. HEH.. Power plant is a LIVEFast motors...
  4. Hot Dog Piggy Tails

    Past on Bicyclist Bike for Husband RIP

    Dedicated Build of Neighbors (PAST ON) Wife's Commuter. He came up and asked that I Build a Motoredbike out of this bad boy I said Sure. So I spent the Night building it It was nice. Turned out great. This Build is a 70cc Tiger LiveFastMotors Kit Build. Went with the standard of all my...
  5. Hot Dog Piggy Tails

    Blackie the 60cc DelMar by Schwinn and Speedster

    This has the 60CC Black Tagged Speedster Livefast Engine kit. I Upgraded the Delmars Fender rivets drilled out to 10/32 Machine screws with washers on both sides. Black Phosphated Sprocket and Grade 8 and 5 on some hardware and all 1/4" studs B7 grd. Did the Special Bend for the Expansion...
  6. Hot Dog Piggy Tails

    60's early 70's Murray Build

    I built this Last night with a LIVEFASTMOTORS 60cc'er I got as an upgrade (9 hole sprkt set up) to a confused 55 CC'er order that the transaction was supposed to but did'nt happen. Goes good.
  7. Hot Dog Piggy Tails

    The 43"' Messinger

    Hello All this was my first build. I used a GT Tequesta.
  8. Hot Dog Piggy Tails


    Finally I think I found The info Well I just did a big writ up on my side of things and what went on with the 55ccer kits from Livefast.. and how I ordered one my order had some mix up not even thier fault... now Im getting an upgraded LiveFastMotors 60CC'er kit. Any one want to know about...