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  1. Ralph hop

    Misfit Board Tracker

    With the Schwinn project on hold maybe until next winter. I've decided to use the 212cc engine on another bike because I'd like to have a less bulky two stroke dirtbike engine on the Schwinn. Picked an eBay fat tire frame but won't be using wide tires. It's called "misfit" for...
  2. Ralph hop

    Cutting down on frame vibrations and stress cracks

    I'm considering the idea of filling my hollow frame tubes with grease to soak up vibrations. The idea is to drill a small hole in each tube and install a grease zerk fitting. I would measure the volume of the tube and match the amount of grease fill. All Displaced air would have to be released...
  3. Ralph hop

    1908 Schwinn Indian (schwinndian)

    I purchased this bike knowing I would motorize it and after letting it catch my eye almost every day I've decided what to make it into. The bike will be a 1908 Indian inspired bike. I plan to copy the forks, seat, seat post, tank, and left side spindle jack-shaft assembly of the original bike...
  4. Ralph hop

    12v rechargable lead acid battery.

    The lights on my bike are a 12v car head light and a 12v trailer brake/tail light. I've found some small 5 inch/five pound batteries in 12v and smaller in 6v used for game feeders and outdoors type things. They're a sealed battery and can use a plug in charger. I'm wondering if one or how many...
  5. Ralph hop

    New member first build

    Having fun with my first motorized bike after a year of slowly putting it together. It's an old Murray ten speed with a 66cc engine.