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    2 stroke to 4 stroke conversion phase questions

    If i have the entire kit that came with my 2 stroke engine, and wanted to get a 4 stroke, could i just get the engine and use all the parts i still have, sprocket, throttle, clutch, everything, on the new engine. and if so, would i go any slower or faster with the sprocket that came with the 2...
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    broken threaded rods

    the threaded rods on the front of the engine for mounting have snapped and i am wondering how to get them out. they are snapped off slightly inside the engine block, could i drill a hole in them then use a screw to grab it and unscrew the rod? also where can i get more threaded rods like this.
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    engine gets LOUD at full throttle

    i recently moved the engine to a new bike, and when i hit full throttle, the bike vibration increases dramatically, and it sounds like sometihng is rattling around. this didnt happen on the other bike. it doesnt seem to do this while reving but i cannot be sure. and it only happens when i reach...
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    pullstarter or no on my cruiser

    I just bought a Panama Jack Huffy Cruiser, and i have a pull starter that blocks the pedals, and with coaster breaks that is a problem. Would the spokes be ok on a cruiser like this when starting the engine the normal way (take off, reach a certain speed, then release the clutch)?
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    permatex timing

    is it safe to ride my bike after only 1 hour of waiting for permatex super copper to dry?
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    muffler gasket blowout

    the rubber gasket that was between the muffler and engine fried on the bottom. my bike sounds like a dirtbike now, should i leave it this way (i doubt it), and could this be caused by the fact that my pedals brush the muffler when i pedal. it causes the muffler to tilt up a bit, but it then...
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    gas guzzler?

    i filled the half gallon tank a few days ago, and since have gone maybe 20 miles probably alot less. but the tank is almost empty. the only thing i can think of that is unusual is that i had the fuel valve pointing in the opposite direction from on, i thought this was also on. why is my engine...
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    need for speed

    i am using the sprocket that comes with the chinese 2 stroke. and i can only reach 32 mph in a straight road. i am going to also be carrying replacement parts, 1 gallon os gasoline, headlights breaklights turn signals rear view mirrors and a bike rack, and i want to make atleast 40. the best...
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    how to use the choke

    if i run the bike for awhile and then bring the choke to half, i lose a lot of power and speed, how do i use the choke?
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    Proper Riding

    is it safe or ok to ride an 80cc bike motor at full rpm even at a 16-1 mix?
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    Clutch problems/ high resistance and reversed lever

    My engine arrived a few days ago, i have everything assembled and am still working on the brakes and handlebars, but the clutch when disengaged had alot of resistance and felt like it was still engaged. I opened the clutch assembly, and all i did was remove the lock screw and flower gear, then...