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  1. Clotho

    Shift Kit + Nuvinci = (Grin)

    Hi KC, It is an old topic but I thought some might be interested that she is still on the road. I had so much fun the other evening that I was compelled to write about it. It seems we have had opposite experiences with regards to hubs. My Felt came with a Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub and it...
  2. Clotho

    Shift Kit + Nuvinci = (Grin)

    It is spring and it was my plan to go down to the local for a pint. I set foot in the garage and this lady winked at me so I gassed her up and walked her outside. She started on the first pedal... Wow, what a time machine. I have been riding around the neighborhood with a sh.. eating grin...
  3. Clotho


    You don't seem to be following. It is a piston ported engine but it doesn't have anything that resembles a valve. Take a look at the cylinder and you will notice that on the Chinese engines the transfer ports overlap the exhaust port which is open to atmosphere. As the piston rises the...
  4. Clotho


    The question of forced induction whether turbocharged or supercharged seems to come up about every 6 months. This subject has been dealt with several times. You may want to look up some of the older threads that discuss the difficulties of applying forced induction to one of these Chinese 2...
  5. Clotho

    Shift Kit + Nuvinci = (Grin)

    Do you have the heavy duty freewheel? If you do then I doubt you broke it. If you don't then you will know very quickly if it has been compromised. I always start mine in the lowest gear possible and it starts up real easy. Even after sitting all winter. I have never experienced the...
  6. Clotho

    Shift Kit + Nuvinci = (Grin)

    Thank you for the compliment! The original exhaust seemed to be about the same as the factory one. The length of the pipe shouldn't affect performance since it wasn't an expansion chamber. If you go through the thread to some of the last pictures you will see that I have added an...
  7. Clotho

    Shift Kit + Nuvinci = (Grin)

    Nice bike! You should start your own thread. I had to dig a bit through Venice's thread to find yours. His bike is nice too! Although, I have to admit the upside down handle bar thing drives me a bit nuts. It looks like you have one of the nice aluminum frames. I don't think you...
  8. Clotho

    Chrome Worksman Build Up

    Wonderful to hear from you again! I am greatly relieved to hear that you are feeling better. Your bike is a beauty. I'm sure she is a blast to ride. Your problem sounds like fuel starvation. Either some restriction in your gas line or a problem with the float. Great to have you back!
  9. Clotho

    Mini Blower

    You aren't going to turbo/supercharge a Chinese 2 stroke. The effort and expense go far beyond the reward and in the end you have to change so much it isn't a Chinese 2 stroke anymore. To begin with there are no exhaust valves so you have to figure out how to contain any boost. Open exhaust...
  10. Clotho

    Can I add pedal power?

    While anything is possible given enough skill, tools, materials, time and cash I would have to say that it would take much much more cash than the scooter is worth to do what you are asking. You are much better off selling the scooter and starting from scratch.
  11. Clotho

    Anyone know about this motor kit?

    Chain drive and the kit sounds identical to a Chinese 2 stroke kit. Whizzers use a belt drive. Isn't it illegal to advertise falsely? How do you alert the appropriate agency?
  12. Clotho

    I am what i am thats all that i am

    Hi Cogswelln, Welcome to the forum. Your thread title reminded me of a song: Adrian Belew, I am what I am Not my favorite video but I like the song Lyrics Cheers!
  13. Clotho

    Shift Kit + Nuvinci = (Grin)

    Hi BOREDTrackRacer, The engine isn't painted. It is polished (see the post above). The jug was painted with flat black high heat exhaust paint prior to polishing but that is the extent of it. I did try painting the motor to match the frame early on but found that it was a magnet for dirt and...
  14. Clotho

    Shift Kit + Nuvinci = (Grin)

    Thank you for the compliment! I answered your first question in the post above your own. I am glad you like the look of my motor. I polished it. My motor didn't have any paint when I got it. You can start by polishing the clutch, magneto and sprocket covers to see if you are up to the task...
  15. Clotho

    New BoardTrack Project w/Honda Engine

    Great solution! That looks period perfect now. I am so glad you did this. Upside down cruiser bars look like the builder didn't know what he was doing and installed them backwards. It stands out in the wrong way. Sort of like putting a rear fender on the front wheel.
  16. Clotho

    my new car "frankenstein"

    I built a car my friends named 'Frankenstein' 8 years ago. It is a Mercedes 380 SEL with a 600+hp turbocharged Chev 350. I have pictures here: Fire Breathing Benz I made the website to sell the car but I am almost embarrassed to show the pictures to you. The car had been sitting for 6...
  17. Clotho

    Shift Kit + Nuvinci = (Grin)

    The bike is in storage for the winter so I can't measure the bike or the hub but whatever the size is it is standard. No modification was necessary. The hub I purchased and had laced into a wheel bolted right up. As for the gear/selector/adjustor. Yes it is mounted on the left handle bar...
  18. Clotho

    Felt MP Into A Limited Speed Motorcycle

    Great pics Terry, Looks like quality work.
  19. Clotho

    Whats the news on NuVinci hub

    At times... probably as much as 340 lbs. I am not a small person and I used to carry groceries etc with it.
  20. Clotho

    Whats the news on NuVinci hub

    Please see my thread: I used to live in the bottom 1/3rd of a very steep hill. Indeed it was a cliff. The Nuvinci handled it with out complaint. It wasn't fast but it could climb like a mountain goat. It is still working...