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  1. Clotho

    I guess this is an Electric Bike.

    Meet Joules. Not quite a tandem rackmout. Not just a simple e-bike either but it is electric and it is a drive system :)
  2. Clotho

    Japanese Jet Bike

    I hadn't seen this before. Faiyatorikkubobu. I think I would like a very open and straight road (not to mention a fire suit) before I would consider "pushing the button" .fly WaaaaHooooo! They actually have information on a pile of very cool bikes there Bikes
  3. Clotho

    Tribrid Project

    Back in 2004 when I built my first motorized bike I played around with the idea of a tribrid for awhile using an electric hub motor and batteries along with the Chinese 2 stroke. (picture 1) I eventually abandoned the experiment and removed the electric parts from the bike because I felt that...
  4. Clotho

    Timeless Motor Company

    I was researching motors for Jim's project and I came across this: Timeless Motor Company Funny thing is I had a dream a few weeks ago of myself riding on something that looks just like this. I think I am going to have to get myself one. :)
  5. Clotho

    1954 Suzuki Diamond Free

    This is the motor the Chinese should have copied. Instead of the Russian one. 58CC 2 stroke, 2 speed gearbox, Drive on the right side, Used the bicycle's own chain through a freewheel. 54 Diamond Free
  6. Clotho

    Shift Kit + Nuvinci = (Grin)

    I have been riding on the Nuvinci hub for a few days now and I have to say that I really really like it. I am using an 18 tooth rear gear and the transmissions range seems to be about perfect for me. Low is really low. Ever had a truck with a bull gear? Bull Gear, Inc. - What is a Bull...
  7. Clotho


    Hello, I have posted here a couple of times but I just realized that I hadn't introduced myself. I built my first motorized bike about 4 years ago in Calgary, Alberta. I dug around and these were the best pictures that I had of that first bike. The bike looks basically the same today. I have...