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  1. J

    Pedal crank alignment

    I am currently making a motorized Northern Star ATB with a jackshaft shift kit. It had a one piece crank which I am converting to a three piece unit. What has me totally baffled is that the crank on the chain wheel side is half an inch further out than the other crank???? The crankshaft is...
  2. J

    Can't find rear axles or 6v dynamo bulbs

    Working on my #7 build and can't find a .5 watt 6 volt screw in bulb for my dynamo hub powered tail light anywhere (except on ebay where they want $25 shipping!). Any one know of an online source for these? Also only one of my builds has a suitable rear axle that doesn't end up bent! (it's...
  3. J

    Dual brake lever!

    Found this image on ebay - ha ha, brilliant! -now I can see how to make my own dual brake lever and will never need to buy a dual brake cable. :)
  4. J

    carb needles!

    I have been struggling to get one of my china girls to run nice. It has upgraded ignition from SBP's and a speed carb with a HD sports air filter (like all my bikes) - after trying 3 different jet sizes + all five needle clip positions for most of the 3 jets, today I left the #68 jet in but...
  5. J

    Build #6- 5 speed Repco 24" wheels!

    Just got this one fired up today! Not quite finished as I am impatiently waiting for the new chrome handle bars that I ordered to arrive. the air filter sits less than a millimetre from the frame so I have to undo the engine mounts to get the carb or the filter off- I guess I'll have to...
  6. J

    vibrations from engine sprocket

    I have had terrible undulating vibrations that came and went whenever I rode my malvern star. Didn't do it in first gear and only occurred under high load situations like any time the gradient was up hill even slightly. It felt at times like riding a horse and the goose neck would bob up and...
  7. J

    If only...

    I have a dream of building a twin engined cruiser something like this only bigger, but what with the cost of two engine kits and two jackshaft kits plus not really being able to ride it anywhere for fear of getting busted... with 24" wheels and hub gears it would be mmmmmm
  8. J

    CrossRider SBP shiftkit 8speed hub gears

    CrossRider with sturmey archer hubs After road testing the hub gears I moved the twist grip gear shifter to the left handlebar to make way for the throttle It has 8 speeds, drum brakes and a dynamo front hub I laced the CMC rims onto the hubs using new spokes in a 4 cross pattern I...
  9. J

    gear shifter for clutch lever

    I have just had a failed experiment with using a twist grip gear shifter as a clutch release. After success using thumb shifters I thought I'd try a L.H. twist grip to match the R.H. twist grip shifter I used as the throttle. I hacksawed of all the ratchet teeth except the last one and refitted...
  10. J

    7 speed mongoose- pic load test

    :) pic hosted at tiny pics- first time attempt at posting it: hmmm, I wonder if this will actually work... edit- OMG it worked!!!!!! -there will be more to come now that I can do it. :)
  11. J

    Which hub to use

    I have a dilema about which hub I should go with on my mongoose mountain bike. I have a sbp shift kit and currently a 7 speed cassette, but I want to try swapping the jackshaft chain to the inside of the final drive chain and having only 5 speeds. If I change the hub out for an old narrower 5...
  12. J

    Hi from Canberra Australia

    Hi everyone, I've recently become addicted to these things!- It started 3 months ago when I found a website in oz ( with jackshaft shift kits and engine kits ($120 & $220) available - I sent them a heap of cash but have only recieved some of the things I ordered and some...
  13. J

    motor dies when hot

    Hello I hope somebody may be able to help me, my latest motor bicycle is sh*tting me to tears- every time I ride it, after about 15 minutes or so the motor dies like it's run out of fuel. I have tried changing the carby twice, soldered the ignition wires, removed the in-line fuel filter and...
  14. J

    Is this normal?

    My first motorbicycle is a $20 malvern star fitted with a 90cc OZBIKE engine kit, but this engine I just discovered seems to have a bent drive shaft on the clutch end When I turn the sprocket with the clutch pulled in and the clutch cover off, the large primary drive gear (that houses the...
  15. J

    Just began motorbicycle project(s)

    Hi, I'm John from A.C.T. Australia, and I have just entered the world of motorbicycling as a way to have a break from the 3 honda cb500 restoration projects I have been working on for the last few years. My first motorbicycle is a $20 malvern star fitted with a 90cc OZBIKE engine kit, but...