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    KMB Electric Folding Bike

    does anyone have one? and if so can u upgrade the performance?
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    Micargi M-60

    will it fit a motor? and will i run into any problems. if it wont fit what would u recommend?
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    id like to set something straight

    I keep reading on here about people using premium gas and racing gas. I would like to say this to them. Octane in the fuel slows the burn rate of the gas witch reduces the power it creates. The reason race cars use 100+ octane fuel is because it reduces engine knocking and premature burning of...
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    hey newby here

    hi I'm 17 almost 18 and been trying to figure this all out. i still have no idea what bike i want use. i know i want to have in mounted in-frame. i plan on putting a shift kit on it when sick bike parts gets it in stock so it has to be a mountain bike. and I'm gonna use the ZB-80 motor kit from...