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  1. TheSignGuy

    Clutch chirp under throttle only?

    Yep never will be another like her got a couple in the back i can build a rat out the same motor
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    Slugo 4inch 80cc help!!!

  3. TheSignGuy

    Painting has started.....

    At least I'm not at fault, throttle side swapped knee into top post and she starts.
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    Painting has started.....

    Yes for the most part torn tendon or rotor cuff something like that. Can move hand and shoulder but arm has no response. Will take up to 6 months to a year to heal though.
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    Painting has started.....

    I'm taking on that top tube on my bike even though I got in an accident recently I'm going to end up redoing that top two because it's ugly from all those gas tanks and leaks it's basically ease the pain away after a long term
  6. TheSignGuy

    Need to create custom lighting system help.

    So I heard a lot of people run their LED lighting of portable CHARGERS. Does anyone have an idea on how I can hard wire 5 wire led brake light turn signal strip to a USB cable plug? Seeking to build a simple set up. Which will involve putting switches between the power source box Two...
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    White Wire Light System

    Voltage cannot spike what about watts though
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    Registering in Wa, need some lighting solutions

    So I have pulled all the codes for the rcw related to registering my bike in relation to the task the toughest task is related to lighting period. Rcw 46.37.525 says that: At least one tail lamp is needed no higher or lower then 15-72 inches This is no issue A white plate light must be...
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    BikeBerry Mega Motors vs Flying horse?

    Any updates? I run tek 66/80 on my 07 specialized hardtack sport, equipped with uni filter, offset intake to suit the tight pressed 17 inch frame which hits about 40-45 once heated up in addition I have a bgf top end with mz pistons in it. Has almost 2g on it about 1300 miles exact with top...
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    How do i unthread a disc brake adapter

    Hey I have a rim that Im trying to unthread the flange adapter for to install it on another rim. Does anyone know a quick way to unthread the adapter? I highly doubt it is built into the rim as if I pull the dust boot back I see threads.
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    Registering Motorized bicycle in cali?

    OK so who's in Cali then, I got cash but deal with only someone reputable the doc systems national so which means once registered it will always read up.
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    Registering Motorized bicycle in cali?

    Hey Federal way, WA is fing with a motorized bicyclist thinking about registering in Cali and have my stuff sent to WA for transfer... Anyone know anything about this I got the registration form for California but will they send my plates, tabs, title, registration to WA state? I've read...
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    how we do it in "Seattle & Nationalwide Motorized Bicycle Forum."

    These links are TM PROPERTY of "Seattle & Nationalwide motorized Bicycle forum" a face book open group to all riders Phil and Mike Sunday ride out part 1: Phil and Mike Sunday ride out Part 2...
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    4 stroking at higher rpm

    Logical but here's the thing I don't think it's 4ting I think it's like detonating at higher speeds cause it's like a knawing like sound more associated with knock, cause at 50kmh it makes no sound like either I'm not disposing of some of the exhaust completely BTW I am running Lucas at about...
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    4 stroking at higher rpm

    Hey my bike 4 strokes a tiny bit at 60-65 kmh I use stock CDI and exhaust.. What is the issue? I broke 40+ mph enough to make the speeds not keep up
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    Budget build with all new components

    True that driver get mad cause I don't pay for sh I say f em all I got license so I'm gone ride!
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    Piston crown mod!

    I know right dude that's freaking gator weirdo leather carbon. That or dead Stevie Griffin skin.
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    My official testing of several different aftermarket CDIs

    Thanks for the update super charged is what I'm looking for