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    Weedeater belt drive

    I have a very very strong running high revving 31cc bolans bl100 engine it starts very easy also. The nut holding the flywheel tight to the crank was a press fit inside the pulley. The nut was also flush welded to the pulley. Then the pulley just screws right onto the crank to hold the flywheel...
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    25cc homelight bandit bike

    The bike was free and so was the weed eater used angle iron for a side hanging Mount then welded everything so it would never come apart. Pics of this contraption are coming soon. Of course it has no breaks
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    Good'ole weed eater bike

    Gonna go over to the non kit forum soon. I got a bmx bike out of the free pile and also a homelight sx-135 bandit. Used a 110 flux core welder to stick them together and let me tell ya it is a lot of fun. With some slight modifications it is more powerful then I thought it would be.