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  1. Johnny trigger

    Homemade goped?

    Hey guys. Im going to be building a motorized kick scooter out of an 80cc kit i picked up. Anyone ever use these motors to do this? Thanks
  2. Johnny trigger

    Larger air intake tuning

    Hello. I have the basic Chinese two-stroke bike set up. I added the offset intake and the velocity stack On the NT carb and fitted a biger cone filter. I assumed it meant more air so I slowly changed my jets bigger and bigger and I still have no WOT power. Should i have decreased the jet size...
  3. Johnny trigger

    Carbureter fuel inlet elbow

    Hey guys. I upgraded my fuel line to automotive black rubber line and cant get a clamp on the line to carb union. (Small leak).. anyone know where i can get that inlet in an elbow.? Thanks
  4. Johnny trigger

    HP carb tuning question

    Hey guys I have an HP carb and offset intake. Fuel leaks out around the carb to manifold connection. i assume its from the jet being to big? Or could it be from the carb not being completely level? Either way i switched the jet from the stock carb and its slightly better. I have a 20...
  5. Johnny trigger

    Covid-19 cruise

    Its 40 degrees and everyone prepping for long term quarantine from covie19 but Hey... suns out lets cruise
  6. Johnny trigger

    Offset intake question

    Hey guys. I’m installing an offset intake on my bike with the carb around the seat tube. The result is a carburetor that doesn’t sit completely level. I know usually The carburetor bowl has to be leveled.Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Johnny trigger

    Sudden surge in idol

    Hey guys. I have new 80cc kit. Iv done total maybe 10 miles on her. Always a bear to start up... anyway once she goes ill leave it idol a minute after a short ride and couple times The engine just took off. Sounded like it was going full throttle. I ran hit kill switch. Any ideas... thanks.. jon