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    Engine mounting on now whizzer frame

    As stated by the thread title is there any tips for mounting a whizzer engine on a none whizzer frame? I know how the front mount works by wrapping around the front down tube on the frame but haven't really seen how people do the back mount. Also is there a sheave for 26 in bike wheels?
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    Running light wiring

    Hey guys, wiring questions are always fun, I'm trying to figure out how to do combination tail, signal, and running lights. I know I have to do both signal and brake lights on the signal wire but do I need to do a resistor on the running lights wire? Theres 3 wires, red(signal) brown( wiring...
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    Wc-1 size?

    Hey guys just wandering about how big is a WC-1 engine compared to a normal HS 4 stroke. I have a GT-C frame and I know it can fit an HS but I've been looking into a whizzer kit and would like to know if there comparable in size or if the wc-1 is alot bigger.
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    Gear speed question

    I'm building up a bike atm, I'm wondering what top speed would be like with with 49cc engine with long exhaust 5:1 belt drive, 36 tooth rear sprocket, and 180pound rider. Not many hills around me so don't need to worry about that. I'm alsi planning to pedal start from stops. So really just...
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    Mini fuse block?

    Does anyone know of any mini fuse blocks that can fit a relay and maybe 5 fuses. I would like something like this so I can clean up wiring on my project without having a huge rats nest of cables 12v system btw
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    138cc 4 stroke engine kit

    Has anyone ever tried this...
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    GT-C cdhpower any good?

    As the title states is the GT-C 3.4L gas tank integrated frame good? Anyone running them with a 4 stroke? Any problems I should lookout for?
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    4 stroke mounting

    So I know most 4 stroke engines run clockwise when looking at there face ( pull start side ) meaning that you have to put the face on the drive side of the bike ( towards the pedals ) and run the chain down the left side or through a jackshaft but what if you use a set of gears to reverse the...
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    Looking for a style of tires and rims.

    Hey Guys Im planning a build and Im really looking for a certain type of wheel and tire that I saw on a video of Jay Lenos Garage the video in question is: The bike right in the beginning has the wheels and tires and I cannot find what type they are or where to even buy them. the motorcycle...
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    4 stroke electric starter?

    Is there any electric start/ charging kits for the 4strokes? I'm parting out a build atm and am leaning toward the bt80 so I can run an electric system and lights. But would gladly go with a 4 stroke option. Any suggestions?
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    Shift kit question

    Hey guys, I'm new to motorized bikes, but not new to mechanics or bicycles. I've been wondering if shifting without pedaling with a shift kit is possible if some kind of "neutral" was in place. Basically the neutral would be the rear tire driving the chain rings that, would transfer the power...