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  1. MotoMagz

    Threading hub to accept disk brake adapter

    Here is a threaded adapter and I know you can find them cheaper on fleabay.
  2. MotoMagz

    Predator 79cc

    You bet budddy!
  3. MotoMagz

    Predator 79cc

    Here is a Jack shaft calculator
  4. MotoMagz

    3/4" Rear Sprocket Adapter?

    Maniac Mechanic makes custom parts. Besides him making a custom adapter could use a correct spacer.
  5. MotoMagz

    Predator 79cc
  6. MotoMagz


    Depends on buyer... $1200-2000 go on eBay look at sold Whizzer . Need lots of exposure to sell one now days.
  7. MotoMagz

    1912 Excelsior Tribute

    Dan had nothin to do with belt drive. He added a pulley to a reduction in place of sprocket.
  8. MotoMagz

    1912 Excelsior Tribute

    Bike has been up on blocks for a month and will be out of commission till spring. You guessed it the drive train. My issue is my beloved belt drive. Slipidy dew da slipidy daily! I’m going to still run power through bottom bracket but it will be chains and sprockets. Not my norm... so I figure...
  9. MotoMagz

    Micargi Seattle SS
  10. MotoMagz

    Need GTC js plate or 79cc transmission

    The BMI plate has the nose out the back like the torque converter plate. The Gtc has no nose so fitment of a sprocket to rear is easy.
  11. MotoMagz

    Need GTC js plate or 79cc transmission

    I just wanted to run a torque converter on my bike . Just trying different drives..that’s all.
  12. MotoMagz

    4 stroke propane engine and carb

    Anyone looking for a propane 4 stroke?
  13. MotoMagz

    79cc Sportsman Flyer build

    Always nice to go for a ride....especially with the colors changing.
  14. MotoMagz

    Seat Foam Cutting with Hot Wire Jig

    Pretty cool setup.. looks like it does a great job..impressive!
  15. MotoMagz

    Hensim V-twin 49cc
  16. MotoMagz

    Need GTC js plate or 79cc transmission

    Maybe ..for now,just trying different drives with my motor.
  17. MotoMagz

    Need GTC js plate or 79cc transmission

    I need the JS plate in bottom photo. Or the kit one 79cc transmission I have the top one from BMI in other photo next to tav plate.The one I’m looking for is sold for $65
  18. MotoMagz

    1948 Monark

    Nice build ! Everything goes together the sleek tank...nice!