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  1. gill vanderwerf


    hey guys i have a wierd problem my bike was running fine on sat i did not use it on sunday and now i cant get it started i see a spark i did put new gas in it on sat and i have a slight incline that the mixture might have been off less then 4 oz to a gallon could that be a did...
  2. gill vanderwerf

    2nd Flat Rear Tire ~

    i got those heavy duty inner tubes there 50% thicker and i am going to get tuffy also had 2 flats in a week both rear tire
  3. gill vanderwerf

    chain dont fit????

    i got my 2 new chains in today from gas bike to make a long story short they say those 415 chains fit that cnc sprocket i got from them.....i let you all be the judge of this no matter what i do it wont line up with the teeth.
  4. gill vanderwerf

    chain snapped

    just ordered a new 415 heavy duty chain and a spring chain tension when that comes in i will line it all up front to back and see if that works.
  5. gill vanderwerf

    chain snapped

    yes i had the master chain link the right way...the funny thing is that the original one is still on there it broke again on the same spot that i put another master chain link on to fix the broken chain
  6. gill vanderwerf

    chain snapped

    i got the upgraded one #415. but i tried to fix it this morning and again it broke off at my chain lock i have 2 of them on there because i fixed the chain with another one when it broke the first time. but it seems to be a problem after i put that cnc sprocket assembly on it. the...
  7. gill vanderwerf

    chain snapped

    my chain snapped wile i was taking a test ride with the replaced sprocket assembly and i can not figure out why it snapped it was running smooth no tick or clink sound just smooth rolling over all. i got on the road and not even 5 min in it snapped locked the rear wheel . i am having some...
  8. gill vanderwerf

    BE SAVE ALL.....

    just wanted to give a shout out to everyone to be save don't take any stupid unnecessary chances with yout health its a nasty virus ..hope to see you all save and sound on the flip side of this thing. take care and stay healthy.
  9. gill vanderwerf

    finally broke down and got a shimano rear coaster break wheel

    yeah i got it fixed can not wait to take it out for a long ride but will have to wait right now untill this rain stops .
  10. gill vanderwerf

    finally broke down and got a shimano rear coaster break wheel

    my huffy china crap wheel snapped of at the ring where the spokes are set, so i got a shimano 105 E-110 wheel 12g steel spokes and steel rim thanks for telling me to get this guys. and i also ordered a CNC 44 tooth sprocket and adapter assembly because after i put the new wheel on i still was...
  11. gill vanderwerf

    "Speed limitation 38km/h"

    24.1 32.1 whats that in oz?
  12. gill vanderwerf

    Big Time - Hello all.

    welcome man lots of knowledge here on forum they helped me a lot .
  13. gill vanderwerf

    where can i find some of those nice detail stickers / addons for my tank helmet and fenders

    i want to put some detail on my helmet and fenders and tank but i can not seem to find any or i am looking in the wrong place.
  14. gill vanderwerf

    new wheel

    thats what i would like to know??????? the wheel is 26x2.125 rim 26x2.125 steel 36 hole, 29mm id hub shimano e-110 coaster break 21t sprocket kit
  15. gill vanderwerf

    new wheel

    i ordered the swinn rear wheel but i don't know the size of the sprocket adapter assembly for my cruiser bike can anyone tell me what size i need for the adapter seems it comes in 3 sizes?
  16. gill vanderwerf

    new 4 liter tank.

    here are the pics of this 4 liter tank was easy to fit ans seem to be real solid
  17. gill vanderwerf

    bad bike

    i am going to order the rear wheel next week thanks guys
  18. gill vanderwerf

    bad bike

    i got my first beach cruiser bike..a huffy online to be honest a piece of Chinese **** nothing but problems with rear wheel , baring breaking in it. My question is there a better beach cruiser because this huffy really sucks and if so what is it and how much does it cost.
  19. gill vanderwerf


    thanks i think ill go with that adapter