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    Any advice on assembling disc brakes on BBR Tuning wheels?

    Th good news is the disc will bolt right onto the wheel, the "bad" news is you are going to have to do a little work to set it up. I have a very similar bike to the that and at least for the front, you can get an adapter that bolts on and any disc brake kit. I'm not as sure about the rear as I...
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    Threading hub to accept disk brake adapter

    Here's the front wheel, the hub had holes alread but I used it as a spacer and more "meat" to hold the bolts: I also filed down the threads on it to fit snugly on the hub. And here is a harder to see one i threaded onto the rear wheel of another bike instead of the gear:
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    Threading hub to accept disk brake adapter

    What does the other side of the wheel look like? I've used those on both of my bikes, for the front wheel I used it as a spacer to add a disc, had the remove the threads of the adapter though. If you need i can take pictures
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    Micargi Seattle SS

    Sorry for the delay, here are a couple of pics, note the paper-thin space with the disc:
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    Adjusting the HuaSheng 142F (49cc) carburetor

    As I have done that recently, the easy answer is yes, adjust that screw will make a HUGE difference. I had the same issue, I could feel that the engine wanted to go more, adjusted that and instant improvement. As for the top speed, that will depend on the gearing you are using, easiest to...
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    Predator 79cc

    I'm about to start building another bike, is there anything I'll need for the 79cc engine? I have the mount and transmission, I've watched a couple of videos and read the posts here. I think I'm going to leave the engine as is, no governor remover or carb upgrade. Do I really need an adapter...
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    Hub Mounted vs Spoke Driven

    I'm by no means above amateur-level knowledge but it would seem the hub clamp would be safer as the spokes are much easier to break than a hub. I may be completely wrong but it makes sense to me. Also have you looked into hubs "disc-brake ready" that have the holes pre-drilled to mount a disc...
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    Can't get a 2-stroke running.

    I'll try that tomorrow, is that potentially a cause of problems?
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    Can't get a 2-stroke running.

    I'm building a bike with a 66cc AngelFire motor. it was originally on one of my bikes and I started having trouble keeping it running. I haven't messed with it since and installed it on a bike recently. The problem is I can't even get it to idle, I added a pull start to it and other than...
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    Micargi Seattle SS

    I understand I'm gonna need a spacer like that, I am more concerned with the space and the caliper being in the way. I'll take a picture tomorrow.
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    How do you remove a damaged Tranny Chain Shaft

    For what it's worth, I hate those things, had one on my second bike and had several random issues. Replaced with the 5G belt-driven one and haven't had any issues yet. Although both that I have were the single chain version, not sure if the double chain is significantly better. Good Luck.
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    Micargi Seattle SS

    I'm about to start building one, and after looking at the 2 threads here I still have a couple of issues I am going to run into. Maybe someone here can give me an idea, how can I put the sprocket on the left side while keeping the disc brake?
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    Where to buy 29 inch Wheel?

    I am looking for a rear Wheel for a Schwinn Midway. Preferably "cheap", as most sites I am looking at have higher end ones and this is being built on a budget.
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    Newbie here! Looking for suggestions to mod my new kit

    The wide pedal set is necessary to actually pedal the bike, the only issue i have is they have a small radius and I can only go about 10mph max pedaling. As far as the exhaust, I have 2 bikes with 49cc 4-strokes and when I swapped the exhaust on one I felt the difference in power. Finally...
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    On a 4 stroke, do I really need pedals?

    I ended up buying both of mine on Ebay because of the price, about $170 each. They both have been working fine for me, the second one actually starts up on the second pull, idles well. Just look closely at the pictures so you know what you are getting. And avoid that smaller transmission i...
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    Mounting plate

    Quick update, I put new grips on this. I also mentioned in another thread that these transmissions are garbage: The one that came with the kit ended up with a bent shaft, probably from the loose/crooked sprocket adapter. The second one I had, was slipping really bad when trying to...
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    On a 4 stroke, do I really need pedals?

    I did mention I am around 240 pounds and have 2 bikes with the 49cc one with 36tooth and one with a 40 tooth sprocket. I haven't had any issues with the 40 tooth with really fat tires. The 36tooth got up to 30.44 on my GPS before running out of space, haven't checked for top speed on the 40...
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    49cc 4 stroke will not run without some choke.

    I had similar issue, was dirt in the carb. I have seen several people on here suggesting the NT carb, I had a 2-stroke before and had a lot of problems, so as long as this works I am not changing anything. I finally have my second bike running right, now to work on my first bike. Have fun...
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    On a 4 stroke, do I really need pedals?

    I can add a little bit from recent experience, you're gonna want to keep those pedals. On one of my bikes I removed the chain and have both pedals forward. I have had to do the walk of shame a couple of times and here in Houston, it is very not fun. It also depends on your size or engine...
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    upgraded clutch

    I had one of those on my bike, for whatever reason after a couple of rides, it was slipping bad, i just got one with the 3 pads, need to test it out