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  1. ddesens

    my little china girl motorized bicycle

    Re: my little china girl I wouldn't try to keep up with traffic. Remember it's a bicycle with an engine on it.
  2. ddesens

    winter blues

    The winter blues seemed to get worse for the wife and I every year. So after getting layed off in march of this year we moved to florida from upstate NY. No more frozen fingers from trying to use tools in the garage that are the same temp as outside. Going to my company christmas party in shorts...
  3. ddesens

    HELP! Bike wont roll forward

    I live in New port richey Florida. If you can bring me the bike I can fix it. --Dave
  4. ddesens

    sprocket/ rag joint question

    On an onyx you have to use 6 of the 9 holes to get it centered right. Trust me I have built several of these.
  5. ddesens

    bottom of jug broken

    I had a new kit like that. Ran great, no problems.
  6. ddesens

    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Today I rode the bike around the neighborhood a few times. I have been working so much lately haven't had time to ride. My next upgrade is the bigger chain. I'm using bicycle chain for the drive side.
  7. ddesens

    29" genesis astra

    Sounds like a plan. Keep us posted. Sounds interesting.
  8. ddesens

    I just bought the real deal

    Very nice bike!! Love the leather.
  9. ddesens

    ok this isnt normal

    I would pull the head off and check the top of the piston edges for shiny spots where it is hitting the head possibly. Happened to me a few times. added an extra head gasket to compensate. It would restrict your engine rpm's if its hitting.
  10. ddesens

    Running to rich?

    Probably 4stroking, running just a little rich.
  11. ddesens

    CDI horror story. Help please...

    Take the spark plug out of the engine. Snap it into the spark plug cap. Tape it against the head with masking tape so the end of the plug is touching bare head metal. Let the clutch out and roll the bike or pedal it in the dark. Look down at the head while doing this to see spark jumping across...
  12. ddesens

    CDI horror story. Help please...

    In order to check for spark you need to have the clutch released so when the back tire moves the engine turns over(piston moves up/down alot).
  13. ddesens

    What to do with a new 66cc engine?

    Be sure to re-torque the head bolts after a few short rides. Also periodically check tightness of the exhaust, intake and motor mounts. They all loosen after time......
  14. ddesens

    Please Help Me Mount My Engine

    I'm not sure if there is a craigslist there but you could try that for cheap tools. You could also post and ad on there for anyone that could help you with your build. Off topic but could I ask why you moved all the way to New Zealand? Sounds very adventurous!
  15. ddesens

    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Got my "on a budget/scrap parts build" running today. Been riding it around and making adjustments. My chain tensioner wheel sucks. Gotta get a new one. Tried to make one out of a skateboard wheel but its the wrong type. Got down about an 1/8 and it was solid plastic.
  16. ddesens

    Replacing Spark Plug Boot and Wire part detail.

    I have purchased plug wire sets 4 cylinder cars and just used those for several builds. They seem to work just fine. Just my 2 cents.....
  17. ddesens

    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Spent 12 hours today trying to piece together a 66cc skyhawk motor and kit parts for my bike. I have a lot of parts from various builds and think I found enough stuff to make it run tomorrow. It seems everytime I build a nice bike I end up selling it. I then miss not having one. I build another...
  18. ddesens

    Have You Ever Heard This Crap From

    The arrow on the piston always should point towards the exhaust port. Yes, watch those pins.