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  1. Tom from Rubicon

    79cc Sportsman Flyer build

    Happy Thanks Giving to my followers, wish you were here. Wood stove is generating a warm glow, staving off the cold and gloom. Tom
  2. Tom from Rubicon

    Old Guys Simplex moto-peddle bike

    My favorite quote from the movie Escanaba in da Moonlight by the character Albert Soady. "If you don't know where to start, go back to da beginnin" To late followers, indian22 as he says is a anthology One hundred and thirty two pages of a man on a two wheel mission. Go back to the beginning...
  3. Tom from Rubicon

    Old Guys Simplex moto-peddle bike

    Best to you too Rick, I'm liking your goggles too! :D Tom
  4. Tom from Rubicon

    What size is rear wheel hub

    Rusty, I am sure Curtis Fox will chime in to. He is a Husky Wheel booster rightfully so. But consider this, I have a Huffy I motorized in 2016 box stock, with a Bikeberry 49cc 4stroke kit and intend to replace The wheel assembly soon with. Shimano CB110 rear coaster brake wheel. Various...
  5. Tom from Rubicon

    Phatmoto Rover clutch

    Hi Biscuits, You and your husband have great rides. I almost bought on my self, the introductory price was way tempting. Curtis mentioned Bully clutches. He is right, they don't come cheap. But my experience with one set up for use on a 79cc Predator engine. Well ya get what you pay for. Set up...
  6. Tom from Rubicon

    The Epic an electric tri car.

    37F wind to take your hat off. Weather not pleasant I still took Sweetie in a Sunday drive and found ourselves in the midst of train watchers SOO 1003 was making a run. On a road that was originally the C&NW bring Mesabi iron range ore to the US mills.
  7. Tom from Rubicon

    Backrest designs?

    My 50 Harley has a kickstand you can put weight on, and a foot board. Besides, I'm on the long side of 69. I don't bounce like I used to or lift a leg as high.:D. Tom
  8. Tom from Rubicon

    Indian Tadpole

    School chums Dad built one of these.
  9. Tom from Rubicon

    Hey guys

    With a 50" wheel base and proper trail angle of the head coupled with a Felt springer fork. Very comfortable at speed {35mph} and not wound out. The Brookes B190 saddle which went in and out of production is a huge asset to riding comfort. Maintenance ? Modest I would say. Quality components...
  10. Tom from Rubicon

    Its got to be rocket science

    Just like my 1950 Harley serial no. is on the engine case. Tom
  11. Tom from Rubicon

    Hey guys

    I am quite happy with my Sportsman flyer 80. Tom
  12. Tom from Rubicon

    Backrest designs?

    Let me know how swinging your leg over it works out. Tom
  13. Tom from Rubicon

    Hi from the UK - INDIAN Board Tracker tribute, my first build

    3+ generations of spinning tooling in one place is just mind blowing. I have a tech book on metal spinning somewhere in the house. Thank-you Sir, for the vid. Tom
  14. Tom from Rubicon

    Bike builders that have machine tools/shops
  15. Tom from Rubicon

    Bike builders that have machine tools/shops

    I tell ya, Sunday before sundown, I grilled Newyork strip steaks ambient was 72F. Came home from Milwaukee after Mona's med tests and it was 75 F. Gulf Stream we don't get this tine of year. This time last year we had 10 inches of snow on the ground. Weather was so nice, but liming pines was a...
  16. Tom from Rubicon

    Hi from the UK - INDIAN Board Tracker tribute, my first build

    I'm liking it Pete! Electric start going, just to tidy up a bit? Seeing how robust this build is, your braking choices I envy. Your fuel tank build with the spun ends. I have a text book on metal spinning. Scares the pee out of me. :D Tom
  17. Tom from Rubicon

    Bike builders that have machine tools/shops

    My niece and her Dr. husband moved to Atlanta, right at the head of hurricane season. Got a son in Moyock, NC, and he might be the only resident of the State that owns a snow thrower. Once a Northerner always a Northerner. :D Tom
  18. Tom from Rubicon

    Bike builders that have machine tools/shops

    Last ride of 2020 today I expect 72F. Well maybe not, but last year we had 10" of snow on the ground same day. Huffy needs new engine mount. The BBR piece of cr#p needs to go away and make the Huffy Davidson a daily runner. Got the heat at 60F in the shop and there it will stay. Leather gloves...
  19. Tom from Rubicon

    1912 Excelsior Tribute

    Have you ran this by Orabona? I know ya paid good money for the decals, but a rebadge to Indian, and full run chain drivetrain, Slip you not. ;). Tom
  20. Tom from Rubicon

    How to run bearings in this set up?

    Apology accepted my friend. Thirst I have not, recently a beer store had a clearance sale on seasonals. Three bucks a six pack and and I got twelve of them. Being retired for now, six packs at a third of retail are welcome. Glad to hear the seat post/clamp conundrum is solved Rocket. Your build...