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    FS-Taylar BTR! Built. Los Angeles,CA

    Guys Neeeds new cables, tune up and grips Just have no time to play with my bike anymore so it's going on the block to the best offer. It needs a tune up but it functions properly and is a blast to ride. SPECS: Built by Dan Orabona in 2012 - unpainted frame and tank Engine: 200cc HF...
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    Next Race for VTB's?

    Guys, When are we racing again? Where? I missed Grange because of work, do we have a race report on that event? I just need a flywheel and some flat track or pull back bars for my sled. Runs good but that need to ride more upright. That crouched over position is murder on the back.
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    Taylar BTR1R First Images, Vert Speedster

    ___________________________________________________ As the new Taylar racer nears completion, I thought I'd post some pics of Dan Orabona's fine craftsmanship. He really has an eye for correct proportion and balance, IMO. Fit and finish is outstanding. The powerplant is the discontinued...
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    New Guy in L.A.

    Hey, everybody I am George Austin and I live in East Hollywood, CA. I am finishing up my Honda GX200 clone upgrade right now and hope to get a custom frame built for it this summer. The bike will be a 1900-1930 era flat tracker. Harley, Indian. Clone motor mounted vertically. I am inspired...