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  1. Rocky_Motor

    Sprocket for electric bike

    I'm trying to find a sprocket to go with the motor I have, a MY1020 that has a T8F drive sprocket (11 tooth). It maxes at about 3k rpm. I was just going to get a 44 tooth sprocket I think. Anyway, I can't find any sprockets that will go with the T8F chain, and I can't find a drive sprocket for...
  2. Rocky_Motor

    Sprocket mounting techniques?

    I'm making an electric bike (circuits and all) right now and have been thinking about how I'm going to drive the rear wheel. I have a 1kw electric motor that will be mounted above the rear wheel. It spins to ~3000 RPM at 48 volts. It's rated for 30 amps at that voltage, which is 1.4kw. I...
  3. Rocky_Motor

    Stopped starting today

    My bike has always started. In fact it starts so well that if I lift up the back tire and push the pedals it'll start immediately. So yesterday morning I rode up to campus, went to class for an hour.5 and then hopped on the bike and rode off maybe 100feet. I was comin to a red light so I...
  4. Rocky_Motor

    Is morini back?

    I must have missed the memo, but they appear to be back. Their website no longer says the thing it used to say about having no manufacturer or something. but things are still not stocked entirely yet EDIT: NVM I thought that notice was on the main page. I looked again and it's the same, but...
  5. Rocky_Motor

    I need a new rear wheel

    Hey guys, My rear wheel being maybe 20+ years old has died on me. I should of regreased it but oh well. I thought to transfer the sprocket over to my other mountain bike rear wheel but the center hub piece is too small for the metal sprocket. So I doubt that the rubber clamping method will...
  6. Rocky_Motor

    Can these motors take the extra power?

    I've been thinking of getting an expansion chamber and thatsdax's carburetor after my engine is broken in. But I got to thinking that since these engines aren't particularly high quality, do performance mods just kill motors? Soo, for those who have increased the power output of your...
  7. Rocky_Motor

    Tanaka oil ratio?

    I am running Tanaka's 2 stroke oil I ran the first 20 ounces of fuel at 16:1 and then since then I have done 24:1. I miss all the smoke comin out of it at 16:! :P Anyways, whenever I go to fill up my half...
  8. Rocky_Motor

    What happens if you use a battery instead?

    What would happen if you put a 7.5 volt battery on the blue and black wires? And disconnected the magneto.
  9. Rocky_Motor

    How can you reduce the noise from pedaling?

    With my bike, its primary purpose is to use the motor to get to campus and from there pedal the bike around with no motor use while going class to class. What I noticed is that there is a large amount of noise coming from somewhere... I can't really pinpoint it. Maybe the tensioner? Maybe...
  10. Rocky_Motor

    Rocky's Motorized Bicycle

    I thought I'd post what I made. I actually made two bikes, but the first one was not used because the rear wheel was 32 spokes instead of 36. So I took it apart and put it on the other bike. I may motorize the green one still because it looks pretty good with it! Just needs a different rear...
  11. Rocky_Motor

    Does the white wire harm the magneto?

    If you use the white wire all the time, are you harming your magneto? If not, I can build a circuit to charge a 6 volt battery whenever the engine is running. Possibly even sell a kit sort of thing for the community if they want one or explain how to do it if you want to make it yourself...
  12. Rocky_Motor

    What do you think of an iron horse

    He's askin 150 for it. 2 disc brakes is the real feature I'd say. I'd probably use it for a full build including a jack shaft and rebuilt motor. Just a thought, I always liked those iron horse bikes.
  13. Rocky_Motor

    What are some quality replacements for HT bicycle engines?

    Since the chinese motors are quite a gamble unless you take the engine apart and rebuild it, at which point even then you couldn't do much if your crank is not built correctly... What options do we have for quality 2 stroke motors that are the same vertical sort of style? Lifan motors or the...
  14. Rocky_Motor

    Chain bunching up in the engine sprocket?

    I am soooo close to finishing, the last problem I have before putting gas in is that the chain is bunching up and getting stuck, then locking up the rear wheel on the engine sprocket That thing. I put the chain tensioner on and it helped, but when I popped the clutch to see what would...
  15. Rocky_Motor

    NT Carb question

    I was wondering if this is how the carb is supposed to look in the middle thing.. Just the needle is seen? I belivee I have it set up correctly but wasn't sure if it was supposed to be the whole copper slide thing that is supposed to be in there. As it is right now it's inside the screw part...
  16. Rocky_Motor

    My nixie tube project

    For my engineering class we had to make a clock. It's a lot more difficult than it sounds. Most everyone used boring old 7-segment displays. I decided I wanted something cooler and to make my clock using Nixie Tubes! It has been quite the journey. A lot of time and money has been spent...
  17. Rocky_Motor

    Suggested frame for motors?/

    What frame would you suggest to mount a motor to? Something spacious and skinny like this? While we're on the subject of mounting motors, would the GT50 fit in something like this? I heard the problem with a pocketbike motor is that they are hard to fit in-frame and then there's how to...
  18. Rocky_Motor

    clutch cable and throttle cable

    For the life of my I can't figure these two out. The clutch cable hardly pulls the clutch arm at all and feel as though the way I put the cable in the carb is all wrong. Aah blah. I wish these instructions were remotely useful!
  19. Rocky_Motor

    Motorizing the schwinn

    I'm starting this thread to update as I build it. I received the package and ended up with a silver motor instead of black. That was rather disappointing, I prefer the black powder coat much more. But I'm not going to bother sending it back. The gear thing is difficult to move with my...
  20. Rocky_Motor

    Prepping for the 1st build

    Hey guys, this is my last thread to list everything I have gotten to try and make this installation go as smoothly as possible this weekend I got a flying horse 66cc from bikeberry. What I also got to make everything work as well as I can: Lithium grease Blue threadlocker 2 stroke oil...